Salaries in New Zealand

New Zealand as an immigration destination can really work wonders for you. Considering the fact that the subtle and quiet country is arrayed with plenty of job opportunities and better future aspects, the country serves as a perfect option to initiate a fresh start of your life because salaries in New Zealand is quite good than other countries.

According to a recent news (July 2009), the New Zealand’s annual immigration growth climbed the highest level. This means that more and more people are considering New Zealand as an accomplished destination to live and work and earn good salaries in New Zealand !

Philip Borkin, an economist at ANZ National Bank Ltd. in Wellington thinks that Migration would really boost the country’s economy and provide base to its housing market and spending in a major way.

According to an Internet Survey, Salaries in New Zealand vary from one city to another. Places like Auckland and Wellington offer high salaries, high Cost-of-Living and better job opportunities. Other cities offer decent salaries, depending upon the overall experience, qualification and the negotiation power of the applicant. But with all these factors, comes the job responsibilities also.


You are likely to get good bonuses and increments besides your salaries in New Zealand, provided you become a star of your employer’s eye! In some companies, deserving candidates get relocation costs and other aids regarding the housing expenses as and when required. Again, your qualification and knowledge matters a lot!

You would be paid overtime at the rate of ‘time and a half.’ But it is not the case with every company. Each firm has its own set of rules and regulations.


According to “Statistics NZ ” following is the New Zealand Average Hourly Earnings (Data: September 2008)

Public sector$30.7
Private sector$22.64
All NZ Employees$24.33

In addition, people working in the finance, insurance and the electricity and other sectors earn more when compared to those working in sectors like the retail and accommodation and restaurants firms.

New Zealand serves as a brilliant option to migrate with your loved ones. Moreover, the country serves as a stupendous platform to build your career in a brilliant way. Hire the services of an accomplished immigration consultant and see your dreams turning into a reality!

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