Salaries in USA

Every year, plenty of people plan to migrate to the USA considering the great work opportunities and Salaries in USA. They have so many dreams in their eyes. One of the most critical facets that drive them to USA immigration is the excellent lifestyle and better salaries that the country has in store for them.

The overall Cost of Living can vary depending upon the lifestyle and the place of residence. For instance, Los Angeles is attired with an extremely high standards and cost of living in comparison with other states like Missouri amongst others. Similarly, salaries offered by different companies depend upon the financial condition of the firm, qualifications of the employee, his experience and other relevant aspects. But overall, the salaries in USA are comparatively high when compared with other major countries.

Being a Superpower, the USA is decked with thousands of multinational companies offering some of the best salaries around. People from all over the world move into the USA, solely because it offers bright future ahead. Considering the fact that currently the country ranks 1st in terms of economy and quality of life, people find the opportunity of moving to the USA not less than a dream come true!

Salaries in USA

There is no fixed salary criterion for the job seekers as no two applicants are same and the final amount depends upon various factors. Here is a rough estimate of the average salaries in the US:

JobGross Monthly Average Income
General Physician$11,698 – $15,000
Engineer$6,197 – $10,000
Computer Programmer$5,378 – $8,000
Professional Nurse$4,061 – $7,000
Accountant average$4,321 – $7,000
Carpenter average$3,037 – $5,500
Salesperson average$2,260 – $5,000
Mining-Quarrying$3,748 – $6,500

Apart from being a hub of all the job opportunities and one of the most popular immigration hotspots, the USA offers a lavish lifestyle to everyone! All in all, USA holds a brilliant future for all the applicants out there. A work experience in the USA can be perfect for anyone to add another feather in his cap with brilliance.

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