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Australia Migration: Tips to Obtain Family Visa

Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia (DIAC) is concerned about dealing issues related to family visa, an important type of visa that offers an opportunity to reunite the familiar members of those living in Australia and enjoying the right of permanent citizenship. The intending applicants seek to meet their family members living in the land […]

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IELTS Requirements for Australia Migration

Language proficiency is something that needs to be satisfied by the applicants by submitting the adequate proof. For Australia immigration, you need to satisfy the language proficiency requirement by showing your skills in speaking, reading and writing English language. In other words, to get an Australian immigration visa, the intending applicants must be fluent in […]

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Australia Migration Rules 2012

Being one of the most popular countries for overseas immigrants, Australia is one among various countries that’s known for changing its immigration visa policy every year considering the demand of immigrants in the country. This year, Australia also came with new ‘Migration Rule 2012’ that became applicable by July 1, 2012 and will be taken […]

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