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Australia Launches Global Talent Scheme to Plug Skill Chasm, Skilled Foreign Tech Specialists on Radar

In a move, allegedly targeted to cool business disapproval to the terminating of the controversial 457 Visa–thanks to the limitations of the replacement visa programme–the Australian Government has, reportedly, launched a new visa. The development comes in the backdrop of the many ICT chiefs bitterly complaining of being subjected to great difficulties in bringing- in […]

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Indian, Chinese and Nepalese Students Flood Universities of Australia, Jobs Squeeze Notwithstanding

As per a report, students from Indian and China have not been discouraged by the adverse media coverage or reports of racist assaults, and are moving to the different universities of Australia in historic figures. As per the latest data on the subject, close-to 190,000 foreigners submitted an application to enroll for the various study […]

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