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Potential Reasons Why Your Australian Citizenship Get Knocked Back

Every year thousands of Permanent Residents apply for the Australian citizenship with a hope to settle here for the lifetime. While many people qualify for the Australia PR visa process, getting a citizenship is an entirely different thing. In 2017, approx. 4000 citizenship applications got refused for numerous reasons such as lack of vigilance, submission […]

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Australian Citizenship is Now More Prized Than Ever Before

Here’s important news for those keen to acquire the prized citizenship of Australia! Malcolm Turnbull, the incumbent Australian Prime Minister, has reportedly made tighter citizenship conditions for the new candidates public. The development comes in the wake of the widely reported ending of the popular and the widely used 457 Visa Scheme for the overseas manpower. […]

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Know How to add Family Members to Application

People applying for the Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190) Visa or Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa are fully granted to include their family members in their applications. They are entitled to be asked by the department to add their dependents to their application, which must be done before approval of your application. The task is […]

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The Occupation of Hearing Impaired and Sight Impaired Teachers in Australia!

The occupation of a teacher involves several duties and responsibilities to perform. When it comes to the special teacher job, such as: hearing impaired and sight impaired teachers, they have to perform some additional duties. For instance: helping the students of  primary, intermediate and secondary classes with their learning difficulties, hearing impairment and sight impairment, […]

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