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What You Need To Know About Canadian Investment Visa

Many ambitious businessmen from across the world look overseas to make an investment there to thrive and prosper. Most of the investment made by such businessmen is in the developed countries. There are few developing countries wherein people are keen to invest. One of the developed nations where people are investing on a big scale is Canada.

The Maple Country is developing at a rate of 3.4% each year which is a significant growth rate. Besides the normal investments, some people are looking to migrate to the country also. For these people, there is a program known as Canadian Investment Visa. Under this visa, there are four types of programs mentioned below for which they can apply. These programs are as follows:

  • Investor program
  • Entrepreneur program
  • Self-employed program
  • Temporary residence

To apply for any of these programs, the applicant must visit an immigration consultant. He is a person who can guide the candidate to choose the right kind of program as per his needs. The immigration expert will also help in preparing the required documents for each program.

One of the common requirements for each program is that the applicant must be in good health and must not have any criminal record in past few years. Besides, there is certain amount of investment which the visa aspirant has to make.

The candidate must submit the required investment to the concerned authorities after the visa has been approved. If a person doesn’t want to visit the immigration consultant, he can look for the required documents on the Internet. Even after all the documents have been submitted, there is no guarantee that one can get the Canadian Investment Visa.