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What do you like more- Calling or Texting?

Well, I feel Cell Phone is the innovation of the century. Everyone seems to be just a call or an SMS away. Communication was so lethargic back in the letters and the telephone days. But with your cell phone anyone can reach you anytime, your cell phone is literally like a bridge between you and the world. So many options on your cell phone have outwitted many gadgets. Pagers are out. Even digicams are facing stiff competition with the novelty of our cell phone cameras. Surfing the web and visiting social networking sites is also accessible on your cell but the basic functions are still calling and sending SMS’s. I always posed the question to myself, what do I enjoy more calling or texting?

What do you like more- Calling or Texting?

Well many people tell me that they prefer calling because you can talk it out fast. And besides, you want to hear each others voice over the phone. There are certain things you can’t text as it shows your cowardice to talk on the topic. Business deals or any emergency or any important information is best conveyed on calls, so that you are sure you have got your point across and you are well understood. Conference calling is a great option!

On the other hand, there is this glorious feature of SMSing, seriously this feature sorted many of our college days. I remember people exchanging numbers and texting like 24/7. I give it credit for most of the modern day hitches. In fact, it has stimulated many romances particularly adolescence types. The excitement of late night texting to your crush is amazing! But seriously, SMSing is a cult now. Just imagine everyday you have fresh set of forwards you never got before. People are so used to the SMS short forms that these short forms leach anywhere we write! Even when you possibly can’t talk when you’re at work or movie you still can receive an SMS and likewise, you can text others. And it is cheaper than calling of course (most of the times).

I like calling and texting both, but yeah I am more biased towards texting because you can play with your creativity. You can have fun while twisting and bending your words, and the result is the saga goes on. You can’t be glued on the phone but yes you can text and feel the constant touch of a person. The best is you can always store those simply precious messages and relive the emotions once again.

So which one works for you C or T?

Colors can work wonders!!

What’s you favorite color? We all are particularly drawn to some color. Did you know your choice of hues is reflective of your personality and can influence your moods? Your wardrobe can be vibrant or inspiring or plain boring!!!

Magic of Colors

The Egyptians and Chinese in ancient times did something interesting things with colors- they used it for healing. Today we call it color therapy or chromo therapy. Colors do have their own energies; let us explore some typical color characteristics:

Red: Stands for passion, sensuality and energy.
Red is sexy. Red lovers are usually confident and extroverts. Red is great when you want to boost your energy.

  • Avoid red when you are angry, frustrated or don’t want attention.

Pink: Stands for affection, lovability and sensitivity.
Adoring pinks doesn’t mean going Paris Hilton or coloring yourself and your pets pink. Pink is sweet. You show the world you’re approachable.

  • Avoid pink when you are feeling insecure, vulnerable.

Green:  Stands for nature, balance, new beginnings
Green is the color of nature and freshness. Green is very healing. If you want to discover yourself or feel in tune with your emotions green is your thing. It’s an uplifting & tension relieving color. It is also associated with regeneration of cells.

  • Avoid green when you feel confused or stagnant.

Violet: Stands for transformation, creativity, spiritual awakening
Violet lovers want to be noticed, they perceive themselves a unique creations and they want to be seen/taken differently. It’s a great color to wear if you want to do away with addictions.

  • Violet should be avoided if you are grief struck or feeling social repulsion.

White: Stands for peace, cleansing, and new beginnings.
White is a divine color. Have you heard that liner ‘spotless as a dove’? Whites give away a feeling of embracing every opportunity or to just let go.

  • Whites are great but best avoided if you are bad at maintaining them. I was kidding but yeah your whites should be bright.

Black: Stands for power, elegance and blending.
Blacks are usually worn to display a strong persona; however, it can also highlight your tendency to blend in and not to draw attention to yourself (hiding flaws).

  • Avoid black when you are sad or dreary.

Blue: Stands for serenity, comfort, relaxation
Blue is a comfort color. Polls show that blue is adored by most. It’s a great color when you want to be organized, practical and exude peaceful authority.

  • Avoid blues when you are overcritical, depressed or lonely.

Yellow: Stands for optimism, open mindedness and freedom
Wearing yellows can make you feel happy. Yellow represents sunshine. It is healing and joyful.

  • Avoid yellow when you seek mental relaxation or when you are fearful.

So, get playful with colors! Psychologists and psychiatrists have confirmed this color effect. Surely, this is like going back to “Poppins” or “Gems” days.  Color psychology can be a rewarding career alternative. For a more colorful life, immigrate for a better future. Explore your best immigration alternatives with Abhinav.

Let Your Guests Eat With Their Eyes!

Without being innovative life would have been so dull! Ideas are the only things that stir up some taste to the mechanical life we lead today. No matter how people are engaged in their super busy life, they would always enjoy things that are innovative. People will always find time to appreciate the beauty of an art work. To me, an art work can be anything where people use their ideas, regardless of its amount or level. Actually, these are the little things that can bring happiness and sense of satisfaction into our lives. Besides, these little things can be the treats to your dear ones. So, it’s a win-win situation.

The idea of getting creative with a dinner or a lunch can never go wrong. Remember, people always eat with their eyes first. And food is something with which you can let your creativity run to no end. The presentation of food is itself is an art. Yes, presentation matters a lot. The way you present food tells a lot about you. Even a simple recipe can make wonder when added your creativity to it. We learn a lot about food and its visual presentation through traveling. Some people are so much into these details that they often travel to new places only to acquire knowledge about different delicacies and the way they are being presented. This is a good thing, indeed and traveling has multiple advantages! Because, when people travel to rejuvenate themselves they also get the chance to please that special pursuit of theirs.

So, if you are one of these people, what have you noticed so far? Which culture has captivated you the most? If people have to put it down to one, then I believe, most will say, it’s Japanese! Yes, Japanese have always done it the right way. This is because, creativity is an integral part of the Japanese people. Rather, Japanese are very particular about the way things are being presented- be it their architecture, attire, and of course, food. You must have known people who have visited the country and loved and praised its cultures, especially the food culture.

Now, this does not mean that you have to visit Japan in order to learn how to present food differently to your guests. Without witnessing the out-of-the-way culture, you can help yourself to stand out with your presentation this time. It’s all about letting your ideas run really well. Ideas are always in our mind, but this time let yourself run them when you do the preparation for the dinner for your guests, at your home.

Depending on who are coming to the dinner, you decide on a theme first. Let’s do something different this time- how about using some unconventional utensils rather than those delicate plates and bowls!! Your cupboard must boast a number of different crockery items, but you might have never found an occasion to use all of them. Why not use them in a different manner, for the coming dinner party? I leave it to you…since it’s you who knows better what is in the cupboard!

Salads are a great thing to add extra edge to your dinner presentation. Shape and form of food, or how food appears makes for a different eating experience. There are endless ways to cut and arrange salads. Think of something else other than a plate to get them to the dining table.

If you decide on some drink for the dinner, then you do not have to bother about other details much. Since, a good brand of wine is something that adds charisma to the event. The presentation of wine is altogether a different art, where the type of wine glass you use take the center-stage. Browse the market nearby your place and get some stylish, yet useful glasses! There are endless varieties of wine glasses available, ranging from an array of designs to shapes!

The way how you present the food to your guests makes a big difference. Your unique presentation can make even the simplest dish an appealing one! Once again I say, ideas are always in our minds, the only thing we should do is to incorporate them when doing things!

Keeping the Spirit of Friendship Alive!

As said by Oscar Wilde, “Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend’s success.” I am sure just like me; there are many out there searching for friendship quotes at this point of time. After all, its Friendships Day tomorrow which would be celebrated with all the fun and frolic around!

So, guys it’s that time of the year when you are with your BFF or Best Friends Forever…right from exchanging those friendship bands in those good old school days to giving this term a new meaning altogether in college all the way to finding your friends for life…this day signifies it all!

I still remember gifting those small bands to my friends and there used to be a few of them who used to make those sweet friendship bands all by themselves. I remember their eyes being all red and puffed up only because they were making those bands putting all their creative inputs the previous night. That one sleepless night in the year is the most important only to see a smile on our faces the next day! Life definitely was much simpler then…

We all dream about making big bucks and enjoying our lives in plush cars and big homes but we tend to forget those sweet memories. It is those simple pleasures in life which is what makes our life happy. Not to forget, our mates are our souls to walk along with us in this tedious journey called life. They are the most important aspect of our daily life. We don’t have to think twice before calling them at 3 A.M. in the morning and blabber without a pause. They are the ones to share our joys and tears with and eat their heads whenever we want to. And so, how best this emotion could be celebrated than dedicating a day to it!

So, start designing your own bands or buy a different band for each of your buddy and gift them tomorrow as a symbol of your friendship but more so, that you care. It’s time to rekindle that old bond!

Now for some Gyaan: The Friendships Day celebrations were initially stated by the United States Congress in 1935. The first Sunday of August was proclaimed as the National Friendship Day which became an annual event then.

But who cares where it all came from as far as the spirit keeps going on! So, what are you waiting for guys? It’s time to bring out that hidden creativity of yours and start designing bands. Start selecting gifts for each of your friends and surprise them with their favourite goodies. Above all, friends are the colours in our life!


Changing Perspective of today’s Youth towards Their Work!

The course of our life is determined by the choices and decisions we make at every step of our life. Different people have different perceptions about life which ultimately shapes one’s life. Some people prefer money which they believe can make them happy. While others feel that it is not just money that gives them a sense of satisfaction but it is the attitude of a person towards life which brings about the difference.

Of course, with time everyone’s needs and preference for comforts grows which can only be fulfilled by money. But a new trend can be seen as many youngsters are now looking for interesting job profiles, scope for career growth and positive work environment instead of big pay package.

There has been a shift in the expectations and preferences of the youth between the ages of twenty to thirty who now consider better working environment and job profile of their interest in their work. Pay package and brands attracts them but only to an extent but in the long run, it is actually the work and the place of work that matters more to them.

According to a study done by Steelcase Work-Space Futures which is a US-based global office workspace solutions provider, it has been observed that the young working population feels that merely good salary is not enough to make them happy about their work. On an average, an individual spends major part of his life at work place only doing his work and sharing his working hours with his colleagues. And if the work is not of one’s choice or the office environment is very stressful, then it may be difficult for someone to sustain in the job for long. Now-a-days, many young workers look for challenging tasks, opportunities to grow faster in career and some creativity involved in the work.

The scenario has changed and the expectations of employees from their employers have also changed. They now expect that their bosses should be more sensitive towards their both professional and personal life. They want their employers to appreciate them for their good work and acknowledge their hard work and commitment for the job. They also expect that their workplace to be more relaxing and comfortable so that they can enjoy their ten to twelve hours of life nicely and joyfully.

The approach of the upcoming generation towards work has really changed from their predecessors. They look at their work not just to earn money for their survival but also a medium for their continuous growth and learning as an individual. For them workplace is a great platform to make friends and build a network. So, for them their workplace is like a second home where they have their own family of colleagues with whom they share their joys and sorrows of their work life.

Engineering Students Develop Helmet with a Mobile Charger!

Ecological imbalance is one of the major issues that are being discussed across the globe. With the non-renewable sources of energy slowly perishing, it is time to rethink our consumption and utilization of these precious resources.

Keeping the above in mind, it has been proved yet again that each and every individual can make a difference. After all, Indians are known for their brains, creativity and innovation. This has been proved by two engineering students from Ahmedabad in Gujarat.


These students developed a helmet which is also capable of charging a mobile phone. Studying at the Nirma University, Aalok Bhatt and Pragnesh Dudhaiya have come up with this helmet which has the capacity of charging a cell phone in forty minutes. The helmet uses solar and wind energy to generate electricity. During the daytime, it is equipped to function with the solar energy while the wind energy would be used after the sunset.

The main aim of developing this helmet by these final year students was to promote the use of helmets which is usually neglected by the bikers. This in turn leads to fatal accidents. Bhatt and Dudhaiya are expecting the increased use of helmets in the city with this additional feature. Filing a patent for their innovation is also being planned by them. Catering to the masses of India, this helmet has been reasonably priced at Rs. 1000 only…a small price that would prove to keep one safe as well as act as a utility resource for the people.

Hard to believe but it only took them three days to create this device. It was done during the Green Festival in their college. This can sure be considered as a start for the youth going green and becoming aware of the environment around them.

India is one of the largest producers of organic cotton in the world. With organic farming already on the rise in India, developing technology that is organic in nature can be considered as the next step which can soon turn out to be the boom for its economy.

This helmet is our answer to one utility that is electricity even though it caters to us in a very small format. However, this amount can bring about a large difference in the consumption of electricity the regular way.

Additionally, this also proves that Indians have what it takes to be creative and innovative and moving with the globalized world. And so, another invention that credits the nation!

Work as a Pastry Cook in Australia

Profession of a Pastry Cook is challenging, rewarding and exciting at the same time. A Pastry Chef is required to bake pastry goods like cakes, cookies, brownies, cakes, pastries, biscuits and so on. The profession is cuddled with lots of creativity with it.

Basic Requirements

  • The applicant needs to have an AQF Certificate III along with the other formal qualification
  • Cake Decorator is another specialization listed under the profession of Pastry Cook

Other tasks of a Pastry Cook may include

  • Weighing ingredients and preparing the bakery products in accordance with the set quantity.
  • Shape pastry products and knead, mature, mould and cut them accordingly.
  • Making use of the baking and rolling equipments.
  • Taking care of the mixing times and the temperature
  • Decorate the baking products with proper icing and other substances.
  • Glazing buns and pastries.
  • Making proper use of microwaves, and forming machines for muffins and wafers.
  • Know the proper technique to mold dough
  • Operating machines for cutting biscuits
  • Load baked products into ovens
  • Proper cleaning of the machines and other equipments

Occupation List

  • The profession is listed on the Skilled Occupations List
  • Included in the Migration occupations in Demand List
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored: the applicant can get sponsorship from your relative living in the concerned area.
  • Temporary Business Sponsorship (Get sponsorship for a 457 Visa)
  • The applicant may be nominated by the firm under the Employer Nomination Scheme

Assessment Authority:

The applicant must have their skills assessed from Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) – the relevant assessment authority for the occupation.

The job looks pretty exciting. If you really want to fulfill your dreams and work as a Pastry Cook, then just hire the services of an Immigration expert.