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New Immigration Rules Target Marriage Scam!

Canada: Sham marriages for the purpose of getting fake immigration in the country of getting a PR are common in a nation like Canada. People engage themselves with Canadian nationals and once they are married, they no longer see the faces of these nationals ever in their lives. Once the PR card comes, the process of ditching the spouses start! The aspect is spreading its wings all over the nation, which has become a facet of serious concern these days.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently confirmed that amendments in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations would be implemented next month, hence curbing down the cases of sham marriages in a major way.

Some times, fake marriages take place too. Also known as “marriage of convenience,” these marriages are done from the mutual consent of both the partners. The couple show fake love in front of the Immigration authorities and once the PR arrives; they don’t even see the faces of each other in future. Cash is exchanged in these cases, in return to offering PR status to the overseas applicant who marries a Canadian Resident.

The rules would make life of the fake Immigration and Marriage consultants difficult as they will target them for luring the applicants to go for sham marriages rather than actual legal process to quality for one given Immigration process.

According to the new rules, if sham marriage would be detected or the immigration officials would face a doubt that the purpose of marriage is NOT genuine, the spousal-sponsorship application may face a rejection, there and then!

7 Filipinos Arrested in UK Immigration Crackdown!

Seven Filipino women have been arrested by the UK Border Agency on charges of violation of immigration laws. These women would be deported. This arrest is a part of a major operation of crackdown of illegal migrants. These include those working illegally, involved in fake marriages or bogus colleges and in any form of organized crime pertaining to immigration. This has been informed by the UK embassy in Manila, Philippines.

The above women were caught with three men who were Chinese nationals as well as a Chinese woman. They were found in three different addresses in northwest part of London. These people have been taken into custody and would be subject to deportation soon. As per the officials, the landlord of the place where these immigrants were found would now be subject to investigation by Council Planning and Health and Safety authorities.

The Regional Manager in Philippines of the UK Border Agency, Ed Mackie requested his fellow nationals to not break the immigration laws in UK. He also warned more such operations would be planned and conducted in the near future throughout UK. He also mentioned that UK welcomes legal visitors from Philippines. At the same time, they are also devoted to fighting the abuse of the concept which has been clearly demonstrated by the recent arrests and deportations. More so, he advised to check through the immigration rules of the nation at the UK Home Office website.

Prior to this raid, six other Filipinos were also arrested along with two Ghanians and a Malawian national. These people were found at a care home in Poulner at Ringwood. These people were then removed from the nation.

In addition to the above, 85 Filipinos were also deported on charges of various immigration offenses. As per the UK embassy, these arrests were made by immigration officers who were trained. They conducted such operations at various businesses and other private addresses and were acting based on the intelligence obtained from various sources including the public.

UK Clerics Receive Training to Identify Sham Marriages!

The United Kingdom is so much concerned about immigration deceptions, like sham marriages, practiced by people in order to enter or become permanent residents of the nation that the nation has come up with new measures to prevent such practices across the nation. The UK Border Agency is providing training to a number of clerics on how to identify fake marriages that usually take place in Churches. Recently, a dozen of Church of England clerics were being provided with the training so that can spot fraudulent marriages, which will help the UKBA in preventing, thereby discarding such illegal practices from the nation.

The training session, which run for half day was utilized in giving tips to the clerics how to determine whether a wedding is genuine or not by the UKBA immigration officials. Most common sign of a sham marriage is that one of the couple is usually from outside the European Union nations, who is marrying the other person who is from the Europe. This combination often gives the outsider the right to stay in the United Kingdom, which also carries the right to work there, as well as claim various benefits.

The clerics of the particular England church called Diocese of Chelmsford were also given information and ideas how to identify false marriage documents, as well as other credentials. The information provided by specialist UK Border Agency’s forgery officials. Along with the training session, UK Border Agency has also been carrying out many different operations to prevent sham marriages in the United Kingdom.

Sham Wedding Detention!

This couple came at Sheffield Town Hall to marry each other. Rather, they ended up being the target of the arrest which was planned by the local police to detect a sham marriage scam. The man, a Pakistani by birth and aged 29 wanted to tie the knot with a Slovakian woman, aged 35. She lives in Darnall on a legal basis. But both faced arrest as they are accused of having connections with exploiting the immigration related laws.

Reports say that it was planned marriage, the sole purpose of which is to provide immigration status to the husband. Speculations are that the main motto was the intention to keep the Pakistani national for long term in Britain.

In addition to these arrests, five other people were also taken into custody as they have been speculated to have been a part of the wedding ceremony. It has been believed that they hold involvement in the scam marriage.

Scam marriages are very common in various countries. It was not long back when 5 people were taken into custody regarding the matter of sham marriage. They revealed that women are provided with a healthy pay of £12,000and asked to show their participation in the sham marriage. This was relevant for Nigerian men who intend to settle down in the UK and get indulge in all kinds of fake marriages for fulfilling their purposes.

People who were taken into custody were driven into police vans from the city centre. The issue of illegal immigration and sham marriage are becoming an issue of serious concern in all the countries. These cases only strengthen this aspect even further.

Immigration Officer Discouraged to Investigate the Cases of Fake Marriages!

Neville Sprague, a chief immigration officer complained about his senior officers for ignoring the issues related to fake marriages and also discouraging him to do the same. There are so many illegal immigrants who successfully achieve to stay in Britain illegally through fake marriages.

Neville was trying to investigate the case of fake marriages but he was forced by his bosses to stay away from it. To stay in Britain, illegal immigrants apply for ‘spouse’ visas and with the help of fake marriages; they manage to get the visa. Such undocumented immigrants then freely enjoy the various facilities such as healthcare, education and other benefits which come with spouse visas.

It is really surprising to know that when Neville expressed his desire to investigate such cases, instead of being supported by his department, he was sacked from his job. One of the former police officer informed that the reason he was sacked was that he was insisting on investigating those cases which the department did not want him to be investigate.

In his statement told to the press, Neville said that he had enough evidence with himself in those cases which he was investigating but his senior officers did not supported him at all. Illegal immigration through fake marriages has increased up to fifty percent since the Law Lords toughen the Home Office marriage rules. Despite this, poor officer had to struggle to draw the attention of his senior officials towards this thing.

UK Immigration Officers Arrested Illegal Immigrants in Newton Abbott!

Officers from the UK Border Agency arrested eight illegal migrants in Newton Abbott. These undocumented migrants were found in two separate businesses when a raid was conducted in this area. The raid was a part of planned operation run by the UK Border Agency to deal with the problems of illegal immigration, fake marriages, illegal working, sham colleges and other immigration related crimes.

The spots for the raid included the Saffron restaurant which is situated on the Queens Street. They checked the immigration status of the staff members of the restaurant and six men were found working there illegally. When they entered the restaurant, two men tried to protect themselves by hiding in some room upstairs but ultimately they were caught by the immigration officers. All the six men were from Bangladesh who came to UK for working purposes. Amongst them, three of them entered the UK illegally and other two were staying in the nation after the expiry of their UK Visa. And the sixth person was staying in the UK legally but he was breaching his visa conditions as he was not allowed to work in UK.

All of them were taken to Torquay police station for further enquiry by the immigration officers. They will be kept there as detainees till they will be deported from the UK as they are not allowed to stay in UK. Their employer will also be facing with penalty as a punishment for employing the illegal immigrants. Those who employ the illegal immigrants in their business are also punished and are subjected to heavy fine as civil penalty.

Another Chinese couple was found working illegally at Hoi Shan also located in Queen Street and arrested by Border Agency officers. The woman was thirty four years old and the man was forty four years old and they were also taken to Torquay police station for further enquires. They were failed asylum seekers who were staying in the UK illegally after their appeal for protection was refused.

Cap on Immigration Soon, Says UK Government!

A pardon for all the refugees in Britain has been ruled out by the government of the nation. The UK government has committed itself to a summer of major crackdown when it comes to illegal migration. This is especially for those undocumented migrants coming from outside the European Union. There have been cases of fake marriages to obtain a visa as well as human trafficking.

Damian Green, the Immigration Minister affirmed that a cap would be set on immigration by this autumn for those who would want to enter from outside the European Union. However, permitting refuge to a certain set of undocumented migrants who are already residing in the nation has been approved by some of the law makers and few sections of the ruling coalition. Granting amnesty would mean that these people could work and pay taxes and reside legally in the nation. However, such an amnesty has been completely ruled out by Green.

As per Green, the main objective of the coalition government is to bring about a pressure downwards when it comes to immigration from nations not belonging to the EU. This is to ensure that the total immigration numbers falls down to tens of thousands till the next election which is to take place in 2015. More so, there has been a common perception that the borders of the nations are not well protected and it is easy for people to walk in illegally and reside here. This thought has to be changed for which measures have to be taken. This could be done only be reducing the number of people coming to UK which would also cater to restoring the confidence of the public.

He also said that France would not be followed when it comes to women wearing full face covering veil. Such laws would not be adopted in Britain. This would be against being a tolerant and a mutually respectful society.

Counseling for Indian Spouses Recommends a Study!

A recent study has indicated strong measures to be taken towards issues pertaining to domestic violence which involves honor killings. This is especially true for women in India and other South Asian communities in Canada. These measures should include counseling sessions being conducted by the Canadian Missions for Women residing in their nation of origin such as India and Pakistan prior to their wedding.

The study was conducted by an Indo-Canadian Aruna Papp and is known as “Culturally Driven Violence Against Women”. As per Papp, the highest rate of domestic violence in Canada happens in this rapidly growing Asian community in Canada.

According to her, most of these spouses come from India and Pakistan who bear the brunt of this violence and as these women are sponsored, they should be counseled appropriately before they set off on their journey to Canada. The main purpose behind conducting these sessions is to educate such women regarding their rights as well as the culture and values in Canada. It would also equip these women on how to access the Canadian help centers in times of need.

With the above, recommendations were also brought about for compulsory orientation for men as well (those sponsoring their spouses) to educate their spouses regarding the details of rules and regulations regarding the sponsorship. Gender equality is another aspect of concern where in men need to be educated.

On the other hand, with the number of fake marriages on the rise, applications submitted by men should be investigated thoroughly to check whether or not they have been married before. And if yes, the number of times that they were in the wedlock previously should be found out. Simultaneously, the pattern for these applications filed should also be traced.

Another important aspect is cultural training and competency of Canadian immigration officers which would equip them to catch such individuals. This would help in easing out the process of immigration.

There were other similar measures which have recommended by Papp in her study such the removal of fake consultants and so on.

Canadian Consultant Broke Immigration Regulations!

A fake Montreal Immigration consultant has been charged of sending undocumented applicants to various countries, hence faking out their immigration status to the government authorities.

He has been accused of faking out the unreal marriages of his clients and used to assist them in getting documentation for fake marriages, ignoring all the immigration laws that were decided by the Canadian government.

According to RCMP, it has been confirmed that the accused worked as an immigration consultant in various places including Montreal, to name a few. Richard Yalaoui, the man in question has been charged with various crimes, with conspiracy and allowing his clients to go for fake marriages being one of them.

During the process of arrests in May, six people were arrested and in the process of arrests, Jocelyn Levesque was one of the accused. The arrest was an integral part of a project known as Project C-Devancer. Reports say that these people hold connection with various crimes including producing fake documents and used to work with a criminal identity. They also produced some of the fake credit cards for the purpose of faking out.

These people who have been involved in various crimes may face charges such as producing forge marriage papers, tampering with credit card data, holding certain equipments which assist in committing forgery, and getting involved in fraud related crime.

Applicants are asked to stay away from such fake immigration expert and hire the services of an experienced and genuine immigration expert.

Couple Arrested for Sham Marriage!

Recently, Indian groom and Polish bride have been arrested just before they were to get married for they are alleged with entering into ‘sham’ wedlock. When the couple with two of their witnesses was going to perform their wedding formalities at the Oxfordshire Register Office, Oxford, the officials informed the UK Border Agency of possible intentions of assisting illegal immigration.

Along with the couple, both the witnesses have also been arrested. The registration wedding service was operated by the Oxfordshire County Council that considers matters like fake marriages as a serious offense. Whenever they encounter such cases, they report to the country’s respective agency responsible for immigration services. Following the raid at the Oxford Registration Office, the UKBA officials performed seizure at two more addresses in Oxford as part of the investigation into false marriages.

As per reports, false marriages have been growing in number in the UK. The previous year, a total of 529 cases were reported by various registrars in England and Wales. Compared to the figures of 2008, last year’s figure was up fifty-four percent. Regarding the increasing instances of sham marriages, the UK Border Agency considers a few factors accountable. The factors include the tougher immigration regulations in terms of illegal work and entry. The agency is committed to take actions whenever it feels that a marriage is not genuine or is reported of any such case by any entity. In most cases, the UKBA is informed of suspected fake marriages by registrars.

The UK Home Office has cleared that they hold the rights to act against people, who try to abuse the immigration rules with any of their actions, be it false marriages. If they find a marriage is not genuine, the people are sure to face challenges.