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What is Fashion for You?

Well, I won’t be wrong if I say that fashion is something that everyone including a teenager or a person in mid-forties is conscious about and can relate very well with them. We all want to look good and feel good about ourselves. And clothes are something which enhances our beauty and personality. Our selection of clothes and the way we wear them reflects a lot about ourselves.

Many people relate this term ‘fashion’ with film stars and celebrities only, as they believe that they are the ultimate trend setters and fashion icons. In fact, many believe that fashion is all about imitating film star’s sense of dressing and their latest hair styles. When ‘Ghajini’ came, many youngsters especially college students got themselves the new hairstyle of Aamir Khan and this craze lasted for quite a long time. The boot-cut jeans worn by Kareena Kapoor became a big hit amongst young girls who left no stone unturned to get the latest tops worn by her along with those boot-cut jeans. Bollywood industry give special emphasis on the dresses of its movie stars as this too attracts the audience to the theatres.

Though the mantra of today’s generation is  ‘lean is in’ but I believe that every person with whichever shape or size can look good if the clothes worn by an individual are comfortable and goes with the personality of the person. Let’s say that a girl with a plump body, if wears some cotton Indian salwar kameez instead of wearing skin-fit pants and tops, then she can definitely manage to look more beautiful and elegant. And if somebody is not interested in Indian wear, then by sporting pants and long kurtis or loose cotton tops, one can really enhance one’s look.

This is my personal belief that fashion is not just about wearing the trendiest clothes but it’s more about wearing something which makes one feel confident and comfortable with oneself. Also, one should be able to carry the dress nicely. Indian dress like saree though is a simple long piece of cloth but it can only look good if draped properly by the person. It says that first impression is the last impression and our clothes make the first impression for us. In fact, before speaking, we communicate with others through our clothes. This is because the way we dress up reflects a lot about our personality. An individual dressed up nicely when walk in for the interview leaves a better impression in comparison to the person dressed up casually.

At the end of the day what matters is that you should be comfortable with yourself and your body shape. And the choice of our clothes plays a significant role in framing our personality. So next time,  whenever you will go out for shopping just follow for your taste and liking which I am sure would be unique and special in itself. It’s best to believe in your instincts instead of following somebody else’s steps.

Mastiii For You!

Who would not want a laugh riot in life on a daily basis? And so, a channel has come about called “Mastiii” from the stables of Sri Adhikari Brothers. A 24-hour non stop channel for those seeking entertainment minus the sobs! The best part is that this channel is for everyone…pure unadulterated – uncensored fun.

Mastiii New TV Channel by SAB Group

With the famous comedians of the nation being roped in with some added dose of music, it is sure to win the hearts of the audience. The channel has been devised in such a manner which can be considered as a radio on television to be tuned in at any time of day or night.

The music varies from all time favorites to the latest music on the charts. The main aspect is that the channel intends to play the entire song instead of showing bits of a piece. Seventy five of the channel content is music where as the rest twenty five percent is aimed at comedy which is the station’s unique selling point.

A channel aimed at making people laugh can be considered as something very innovative especially in times where reality shows are the flavor of the season. Apart from this, there are specific channels aimed at entertainment, lifestyles and other genres. This can be considered as the first attempt for a comic channel. With this, the SAB group is breaking away from their regular stereotypes of thirty minute shows. Instead, there are one-minute fillers, jokes and gags in between the music.

The SAB Group is expecting the channel to be a success very soon with comedians like Suresh Menon, Raju Srivastav, Sunil Pal, Sugandha Mishra, Shailesh Lodha, Kiku Sharda and many more. These comedians are already household names. So, the audience is expected to tune in with these established names.

So, from our favorite politicians to cricketers to film stars all the way to villagers, we can expect jokes and gags of all forms. So, I am definitely tuning in to this channel as soon as it is available on my idiot box.