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Accountant (General) Comes under Senior Level Skilled Occupations!

Australia is one of the very popular destinations for skilled immigration. Every year, a huge number of foreign nationals migrate to Australia. Very recently, Australia has announced its new skilled occupation list. Accountant (general) is one of the most demanding skilled occupations in Australia.

The job responsibilities of an accountant involve planning, providing systems and offering services related to the financial needs of organizations along with individuals. An accountant will also have to advice on various requirements regarding associated record-keeping and compliance.

To apply for skilled occupation in Australia, such as: accountant (general), the applicants need to have a level of skill equal to bachelor degree or higher education. However, in certain cases, apart from formal educational qualification, some relevant experience or on-the-job-training may require.

Before your migration to Australia for skilled occupation, your skills will be assessed by the National Assessment Authority of the country. The significant authorities for skilled assessment for this occupation are: CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants and National Institute of Accountants.

In several occupations you have to be registered with or get a license from a native authority in the state or territory where you wish to practice your vocation. If you become a member of your relevant industry association for your vocation, it would be beneficial for you. Registration or licensing is very important in visa application process.

If you are planning to migrate to Australia for job purpose, then opting for skilled occupations would be a great choice. However, the process migration requires a lot of considerations. In this situation, taking the help of experts will be very beneficial for you. Abhinav Immigration is a very reputed company that has been providing the finest immigration services since years.

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Yukon Nominee Program!

Like other Canadian provincial nominee programs, the Yukon Nominee Program is also designed to enable the province to nominate skilled international immigrants to live and establish themselves in the province and make contribution to its economy. In other words, individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and then obtain the permanent residence status in the country can make the use of the Yukon Nominee Program and become permanent residents of Canada.

The Canadian province of Yukon allows international people to immigrate under 3 main categories. They are:

  • Skilled worker Program
  • Critical Impact Worker Program and
  • Business Program

With the help of the province’s nominee program, Yukon attracts talented and skilled foreign nationals to reside and establish themselves the province in such a way that they could be able to contribute to the Yukon economy in some way.

To be eligible to immigrate under any of the categories of the Yukon nominee Program, each foreign national has to meet a number of certain criteria. However, this should also be kept in mind that the eligibility criteria for each category may differ from each other. Thus, this is apparent that in order to know about the categories, you must seek professional help. Contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant today!

New Brunswick PNP: Skilled Worker Applicants!

To be able to immigrate to the Canadian province of New Brunswick under the New Brunswick PNP, one has to qualify for one of the two categories- Skilled Worker Applicants and Business Applicants. Let us have a look at the Skilled Worker Applicants in brief:

Skilled Workers with Employer Support

In order to be qualified for this stream, applicants must be have the intention to settle in the province of New Brunswick permanently. Besides, they must gain a minimum score of fifty points on a number of factors, such as education, age, experience, language skills, and adjustability. Along, they must have an employment offer from a New Brunswick employer. On employer part, to be able to employ a foreign national, the employer must:

  • Demonstrate that he/she has tried but unable to find a Canadian citizen/permanent resident to fill the position; and
  • He/she must ensure that the foreign national is offered with a full time, permanent job offer.

Skilled Workers with Family Support

Skilled Workers with Family Support lets immigrants in New Brunswick who have been in the province for a minimum period of 1 year and have obtained the Canadian citizenship/permanent residency provide assistance to their family members in establishing themselves in New Brunswick. A foreign applicant under this stream is assessed on a number of factors, such as;

  • Age
  • Training
  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Full time employment offer
  • Employment skills

As for the supporter (the family member in New Brunswick), he/she is assessed on the basis of his/her connection to the province of New Brunswick. His/her commitment towards the province’s immigration process, as well as fruitful settlement of earlier family member(s) are also considered when letting them sponsor family members to be able to settle in New Brunswick.

For more information, contact an Immigration and visa Consultant!

Visit Visas for the United States!

For any foreign national who wishes to visit the United States, it is mandatory for him to obtain a non-immigrant visa. Such visas are meant for people who enter the nation with a specific purpose and reside in the nation temporarily. With this visa in hand, the foreign national can travel to the US and seek the permission of the US immigration inspector to enter the country. The visitor visas include those for business which is the B-1 visa, for medical treatment or pleasures is the B-2 visa and others include a combination of the above.

At the same time, the United States has a Visa Waiver Program with some nations where in the nationals from these specific countries need not obtain a visa. However, these applicants must qualify with the visa requirements under the guidelines. With the Visa Waiver Program in place, there are thirty six nations which are participating in this program. It permits travelers from these countries to US to visit for the purpose of tourism, official or business and are permitted to reside in the nation for up to ninety days or less, that too without obtaining a visa. This program was introduced to reduce certain irrelevant hindrances pertaining to travel. With this, it was also done to promote the tourism industry. At the same time, it also allows the Department of State to concentrate the consular resources in other aspects.

On the other hand, those not belonging to these specific countries would have to apply for a tourist visa. This can be done at the US Embassy or Consulate in the specific country. An appointment for an interview can be requested for. In such a case, the applicant has to prove that he has strong ties as well as an employment which is stabilized. Also, he has to prove that he has a decent income along with a valid and a legitimate reason for his trip.

Here, it is important to note that the Consular Officer has very little time to take a decision regarding the eligibility of the applicant for the visa. So, during the interview, the visa official would question the applicant regarding his intent and purpose of making this trip. With this, questions pertaining to whether or not the applicant was involved with any violation of law or visas in the past. Above all, the applicant would be assessed for his strong ties to his native country. This would be proved by the evidence he submits.

Above all, it is has to be ensured that the documents are submitted along with the application form. More so, the right and the relevant documents which cater to the visa must be submitted. It is best to consult a visa expert in this regard who deals with US visit visas. He would be the one who would be updated with all the latest and can guide you appropriately.

Restricted to Enter for Being HIV Positive!

Life is never so easy for people who are HIV positive. Along with struggling for their survival, they have to face discrimination and rejection from the society. But with growing awareness amongst people, the stigma attached with HIV positive is slowly going away from the society.

But still there are some areas where they have to face discrimination for being HIV positive. There are many countries which put restriction on people coming to their place owing to them being HIV positive. According to the official data, more than sixty countries and territories refuses to give permission to HIV infected people to either enter or stay in their place. In fact some countries even deport the migrants if they are found to be infected by this virus.

Kevin Moody, an active socialist working for the rights of HIV infected people said that this is truly surprising and baffling that with so much of awareness, people still put such restrictions on them. This is against human rights and this also encourages people to look down upon HIV positives. India’s health secretary said that such irrational and biased laws should be removed from the society. India does not have such policies or laws which discriminates HIV infected people from others. These laws were adopted by countries in the initial days when HIV was first discovered for the protection of people but the continuity of these laws will only encourage prejudice against them.

Such laws and restrictions forces the people to hide their HIV infection from immigration authorities. Different countries have different laws and policies for HIV infected. Singapore has a strict ban on the entry of HIV infected foreign nationals and in Australia; an applicant has to go under HIV testing if he is above fifteen. In Brunei, foreign national who are HIV positive are facing deportation. Some countries allow the migrants to enter their place only after they prove that they are HIV negative.

Singapore Controls the Flow of Foreign Nationals Coming into the Country!

Singapore is all set to take certain measures to regulate the flow of foreign nationals coming into the country for working purposes. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong said that he understands the problems that Singaporean will have to face if they will not control the entry of foreign workers. There is no doubt that Singapore will continue to grow as a nation by investing in its people but it will also need foreign talent to contribute to the economy of the country.

Speaking on the occasion of Singapore’s 45th National Day, the Prime Minster said that he understands the fear of Singaporeans who are witnessing the incoming of so many foreign national who then uses the various facilities and resources of their tiny nation. But he assured that measures will be taken to curb the flow of foreign workers entering the nation. Now the selection process and eligibility criteria will be stricter for aspiring overseas workers. Only those foreign workers will be encouraged to enter that are capable and talented and who can contribute in the economy of the country.

Few months back, Singapore introduced new immigration policies which can help to control the immigration. A budget was passed in which Singapore government will now charge more from foreign workers on immigration so that companies which hire foreign labor will now think twice before recruiting them. The economy of Singapore grew 17.9 percent during the period of January to June which makes Singapore as one of the fastest growing nations of the world. Despite being a small nation, Singapore still enjoys the position of developed country and one of the most sought after tourist destination.

What Is Australian Occupational Trainee Visa (Subclass 442)?

Australian Occupational Trainee Visa is the visa category that allows people to take up well-designed training program under the supervision of an Australian employer on temporary basis. The Occupational Training is a training program designed to help individuals increase their skill level in their occupation or their respective areas of expertise. The temporary visa is issued to professionals, as well as students who are preparing for their final examinations, or engaging themselves in their research work. In other words, Occupational Trainee Visa is for those people who intend to improve their skills, related to work sphere by taking training under an Australian employer. An Australian organization/government agency must sponsor or nominate an individual to be issued with this visa.

However, it is not that simple to obtain this visa. Let’s look at the criteria for which the Occupational Trainee Visa is issued:

  • In order to be eligible for the visa, the proposed occupational training should be the one that can facilitate the individual to get registered for employment in their home country or Australia; or
  • The proposed training should be a structured training program that would improve the individual’s existing skills; or
  • The proposed training should be the one that would improve the person’s skills and promote capacity building overseas.

An Occupational Trainee Visa is usually valid for a maximum period of two years. However, if the trainee is in Australia with his/her family, there is a provision that he/she can be allowed with an additional 1-2 months of stay in the country so that they can do all the arrangements before leaving Australia. In case, if a training program cannot be completed in this period, an individual can apply for another Occupational Trainee Visa.  While applying for this visa, an applicant can include the names of secondary applicants, such as partner; dependent children and dependent relatives.

As for the eligibility criteria, both applicants and the nominating organization (the Australian organization that sponsors applicants for training programs) are required to fulfill some requirements. To be eligible for obtaining this temporary visa, an applicant must:

  • Have been employed in his/her current occupation (in case of professionals) or engaged in his/her field of expertise (in case of students) for a minimum period of twelve months.
  • In case of students, the trainee must have recently graduated from a foreign educational institution who is interested in occupational training in a closely related field; or who is engaged in some research in their field of study.
  • The applicant must be at least eighteen-year old.
  • The applicant must be skilled enough in English to take up the training program.
  • The applicant must ensure proper health insurance.
  • Besides, the applicant should have good health and character as well.

Overseas students who are already in Australia can also be eligible for Occupational Trainee Visa, if:

  • They have finished their course of study for which they are in the country on student visa.
  • They are intending to enroll in a supervised work experience in order to get registered in Australia or in their native country.
  • They want to take up a training program up to twelve months that is related to the field to their study.

It is noteworthy that, a foreign national may not be eligible for the Occupational Trainee Visa, given he/she is engaged in an apprenticeship or doing a research on full-time basis for an Australian Institution.

If a family member wants to accompany the principal applicant (trainee), he/she must:

  • Be the trainee’s spouse
  • Be Dependent child/children.
  • Be a dependent relative who lives with the trainee.

To become an approved sponsor for occupational training program, an organization must:

  • Be an Australian organization legally, with its full-fledged operation in the country or
  • Be a government agency.

For further information on Australian Occupational Trainee Visa, contact an Immigration and Visa consultant!

What is H-1B Visa?

The H-1B visa is a form of work permit for the non – immigrants in the United States. This visa permits an employer in the US to hire a foreign national on a temporary basis for a specialized job. The various occupations include those in Finance and Accounting, Medical and Health Care, IT, Hospitality, Computing, Banking, Business Management, Marketing, all the occupations in Engineering, Public Relations and Advertising, Sales, Lawyers and other Legal professions, Recruiting, Teaching, Telecom and Hospitality.

To ideally qualify for an H-1B visa, an applicant must have any one of the following:

  • At least 12 years of work experience in the relevant field.
  • A Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree (from the US or a foreign equivalent).
  • A mixture of educational qualifications (such as a 2 years diploma course) along with at least six years of work experience.

In order to apply for an H-1B visa, an applicant must first find employment in the US. The employer would then file for the candidate’s visa. The process starts by paying for either the Prevailing Wage or the Actual Wage (whichever is higher). Here, the employer would be asked for the job responsibilities being given to the foreign national, the skills and qualifications required and the total duration of the work experience needed.

This is followed by filing for the Labor Certification Application (LCA). This is an application to be submitted by the employer agreeing to the terms and conditions and that he is ready to pay the higher wages.

However, an individual working on the H-1B visa decides to leave or change his job or has been terminated from his job, the candidate has the right to find a new employer and file for a status change, and otherwise, he should not reside in the US.

To know more, it is best recommended to contact an Immigration and Visa Consultancy firm. Such firms usually do a prior assessment of your skills and qualifications before actually filing your application. Most firms offer this service completely free of charge.

The EB – 5 Amendments

The efforts made by the Democratic US representative – Jared Polis from Colorado have led a big support for him by all the tech entrepreneurs in the United States. This would make it easier for all the investors to reside in the US with the help of a visa. It is also being considered as a mode to stop all the foreign born entrepreneurs from leaving the country. In this way, the process which started off the United States could be kept safe in the same country.

This legislation would be introduced next year by Mr. Polis through which he hopes to hinder the custom of the enterprises springing up by in the US but closing down since its originators were not legally allowed to reside on its soil.

During these times of recession, this decision is a streak of lightening since it would help create more jobs in the midst of lay – offs. There are many different visa categories for a foreign national to reside in the US. However, no such category has been prescribed which would allow a foreign – born business man with investor backing to start a US based organization.

The main businesses being affected are the Internet – based set ups where a single individual could devise a concept and raise funds from foreign investors which would help create more jobs.

If the plan proposed by Mr. Polis is implemented, it would bring major amendments in the EB – 5 visas. Under the EB – 5 visas, an investor has to invest a minimum of a million dollars in a US based enterprise. With the current norms in place, more than 80% of it is left unclaimed.

With the new framework in place, all the prospective investors have to be in the form of venture capital firms or individual investors with a minimal of $10 million that they have invested in other businesses.

A concept involves a founder’s visa under which an entrepreneur can invest and reside in the United States and grow his business that would benefit the US economy. This way, he would also be a source for other investors to set up their business on the US land.

Above all, if you are an investor intending to invest in the US economy, it is suggested that you wait for sometime to see if the new bill is passed. If positive amendments are brought about, it would provide a good start for your enterprise. To know more, contact an Immigration and Visa expert who is updated with all the latest in this sector.

Increased Number of Immigrants due to a Change in Policy!

The number of immigrants in Australia has constantly been on the rise. This has been a concern for the country in terms of its failure to meet its needs in the long run. The country today has a record number of 600,000 immigrants who are residing temporarily in Australia. This has been a concern as the country should not run out of its resources.

In order to overcome the above, the Australian cabinet has come forth with a five to ten year plan. This plan would ensure that scrutiny be maintained on the type of immigrants being permitted to enter Australia. It would also look into the places that these immigrants would settle down in the country with respect to the basic needs such as housing, water, transport and other important amenities. Based on these, significant and appropriate number of people would be permitted to settle down in a particular region.

According to recent statistics, Australia has recorded an intake of 171,318 permanent migrants in 2008 – 09. However, this is minus the refugees and the immigrants from New Zealand. The refugees add to other 13,500 and 47,780 migrants from New Zealand. Adding all of this together shows permission to 232,598 immigrants in the last one year.  This means an increase of 12.8% from the initial year which had a record of 219,098 people.

On the contrary, the stats obtained by The Age showed 657,124 temporary residents residing on a work permit in the past year. This 11% increase is due to the increase in the number of international students coming to study in Australia. This makes up for another 15% that is 320,368 and another 22% on working holiday visas making for 154,148.

On the other hand, there has been a significant drop of 9% that is 101,280 in the 457 visas which is the employer sponsored visa.

Such unexpected rise in the number of immigrants has led to an unplanned state of migration wave. This has made the country realize that it needs some quality people who could help the country grow and develop further instead of having every other foreign national eating on its resources.

The Immigration Minister Chris Evans feels that immigration should be a form of an institution fueling labor and accepting younger and highly skilled migrant immigrants. But this should not mean young students seeking permanent residence should be granted a visa.

All in all, it is highly recommended that if you have a job in your kitty from Australia, do not lose out on the opportunity because the country needs you!