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Supplementary Seasonal Employment New Zealand!

Supplementary Seasonal Employment work visa is apt for people residing in New Zealand and holds the validity of six months. Please note that the places available for workers are partial, hence waiting for approval may hold no relevance once the places are filled. After getting an approval, applicants applying under the Supplementary Seasonal Employment work visa have the freedom to work for any employer who is decked with a current SSE Approval in Principle.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The age limit must be 18 or above
  • It is essential to meet health and character mandates et with the Seasonal Employment New Zealand
  • Must demonstrate financial security, proving  the availability of ample funds (to purchase return ticket if have not purchased till date)
  • Prove the authenticity of your intentions to gain employment under an SSE-approved employer, along with showing proof of physical presence in New Zealand.
  • Need to show an employment offer from the concerned employer
  • If engaged in the completion of horticulture and viticulture work, show proof of the documents. (The main condition is that workers under this category are engaged to plant and maintain crops (& perform other tasks linked with it) by an SSE approved employer)
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements in the area where the prospective place to work is located

Health requirements: Please note that applicants having a risk of TB need to show their X-ray certificates along with fulfilling other mandates. Further, it is a must to satisfy the immigration official on your authenticity to work under an SSE-approved employer.

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Lithuania–Company Formation!

Being the biggest of the Baltic States, Lithuania is flooded with economic benevolences, hence becoming a new ice candy for prospective immigrants. Natural is to attract foreign direct investment options too. Principal applicant can aim for either of the following business entries:

  • Public limited company (AB)
  • Private limited company (UAB)
  • Third way is to opt for a representative or a branch office

Know about banking options in Lithuania: Banks of Lithuania play a critical role, offering standard services like foreign exchange and international payment options, hence playing their role in the company formation in Lithuania. An overseas applicant won’t face any hindrance in commencing a company in Lithuania, ensuring ample assistance from various financial options of Lithuania. Further, there are NO foreign exchange restrictions.

Please note that it is vital to open a bank account for applicants intending to open a company in Lithuania. Further aspects like constant economy, stumpy inflation, small labor costs and a soothing ambiance for the flourishing of business add more feathers in the cap of Lithuania, attracting foreign capital from all over the globe.

Applicants would be requiring perfect arrangement of pre-requisite documents to register a private limited company in Lithuania. The list include proof of an account in Lithuanian bank, minutes of the founding meeting, proof to show the act of incorporation/agreement and the company’s articles of association.

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