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Details of new offered visa programs of Prince Edward Island PNP!

Prince Edward Island has extended their visa programs with five new categories under Canada provincial nominee program. Skilled Worker Category and Family Connections Class, these two visa classes have been kept unchanged with five new extensions. PEI is the right options for the candidates willing to make a safe investment in a Canadian company, skilled or semi-skilled worker or Canadian international student.

PNP Critical Work Category is offered to accommodate the surging skill shortage of the province. Candidates possessing a full-time employment offer from an employer are eligible to apply for this visa class. The occupations falling under this category are of level C or D positions such as customer representative, food and beverage server, laborer, truck driver and housekeeping attendant. The candidate must satisfy the condition of at least six months working for the PEI employer on a valid work permit at the time of applying for Critical Worker PNP applicants. This program will be evaluated every year and will be amended according to labor market demands change of the province.

The International Graduate Category is the next newly announced immigration category under PNP. Candidates who have secured a graduation degree from any recognized and accredited University of Canada within the time of past two years can apply under International Graduate Category. This condition must be satisfied by the visa applicants prior to application submission for permanent residency in Canada. Additionally, the candidate must have a full natured employment offer from an employer and must be employed on a valid permit for at least six months time period. This category covers skills level A, B and O positions of NOC.

Next visa program is 100 Percent Ownership Category meant for investor immigrants. Candidates applying under this category have to invest considerably for starting a new company or in an established company as well as taking an active role in managerial post in company’s operations. Ownership nominee applicants must be satisfy the minimum criteria of personal net worth and investment along with a business proposal details facilitating exploratory business visit to the province.

Next category is Partial Ownership likewise to the 100 Percent Ownership category. The difference is that candidates can only invest in an existing company. Candidates in this category have to obtain over 33 percent of the equity in the company or make an equity investment. Applicant can’t control the complete operations or stake of the company.

Another immigration category is work permit category offered by PNP of Prince Edward Island. This visa class is targeted for investors willing to migrate to the Canadian province, working and learning concerning their business previous to being nominated by the province of Prince Edward Island. Personal net worth and investment criteria are similar to the Partial Ownership class. The candidates of work permit category have to be eligible for a work permit by CIC.

Interested visa applicants of Canada PNP can mail their resume to ajay@abhinav.com to avail profile assessment by legal experts.

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Australia – Employer Obligations under the Migration Act 1958!

Employer intending to recruit overseas applicants must understand their obligations and duties while complying with laws during employing foreign workers. Read on…

  • Under the Migration Act 1958, it is stated that knowingly or unknowingly hiring an illegal worker is a criminal offense. Hence, not only the illegal worker coming on fake basis in the country would be taken into the custody, employer recruiting him would also be charge of serious offence. Referring an illegal worker for employment with another venture related with the same offence.
  • If proven, culprits might face serious fine of up to $13 200 and/or imprisonment which may last till 2 years. On the other hand, companies are liable to pay fines of up to $66 000 in accordance with each fake worker recruited.
  • If slavery, forced labor or any kind of sexual assault is imposed, along with the facet of illegal recruitment, penalties would rise.

Definition – Illegal Workers

Non-Australian citizens gaining employment in Australia without a valid visa or the same is acquired illegally. Also, breaching the mentioned visa regulations applies to illegal immigration too.

People who are affected by the offence:

The offences apply to every recruiting path which hires illegal work force in some form or the other. For instance, cab owners who bail or lease their cabs to illegal drivers or to agents who further rent them to sex workers.

Take another instance. If the overseas illegal worker has been hired through a labor hire firm, the latter would automatically become the legal employer of the illegal employee. Hence, the business using its services as a worker won’t normally have the onus of getting into the offense.

Illegal immigration of any sort is an offence – be it from an employer’s side or an employee’s. Write your mail at ajay@abhinav.com for more info on immigration.

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Alternative Visas for New Zealand!

Aiming to bring young skilled workers into New Zealand, the Kiwi government has come out with the Silver Fern Visas for New Zealand. The places are limited; hence, chances are that slots may finish soon. However, this is not a facet to worry because prospective applicant aiming to move to New Zealand can still apply under the Skilled Migrant Category

Another visa category which caters to working professionals is work opportunities for working holidaymakers. Also, working holidays can be considered for the purpose of considering jobs in various facets, especially agriculture and horticulture

Working Holidaymaker Extension Visa

Applicants who are already in New Zealand on a working holiday visa and have fulfilled the condition of three months or more than three month seasonal work during the validity of their working visa can apply for the Working Holidaymaker Extension Visa further. Please not that after getting a successful visa, applicants would be granted the visa holding validity for three months, which would start from the date of approval of the visa.

Please fill the free of charge assessment form and if found eligible, kindly skim through the process involved:

  • Our immigration specialist would ensure that a rightly filled SSE Work visa application is submitted along with the payment of the right amount of fee.
  • The applicant needs to show proof regarding the employment in the concerned industry (here horticulture and viticulture).
  • Proving statements from Inland Revenue Department would be beneficial
  • Show the availability of ample funds to buy an outward ticket or a copy of the same, if already bought.

Our NZ immigration experts shall cater to the entire application procedure linked with your working in New Zealand. Please mail your resume at ajay@abhinav.com ASAP.

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Reasonable Steps Taken to Set Up a Business- Long Term Business Category!

In order to obtain a further work visa beyond initial 9 months under the Long Term Business Category, the visa holder must convince the immigration officials that he has taken reasonable and practical steps to implement the business proposed in the application as per the business plan submitted. When the officials are satisfied with the evidence that supports the applicant’s attempt to establish the business along with other requirements, the latter may be granted a further work visa which enables proper establishment of the proposed business in New Zealand.
Evidence to support that the principal applicant has taken proper and reasonable steps towards accomplishing his business plan may include the following:

  • Evidence such as telegraphic transfer forms to support transfer of the investment capital from the applicant’ personal account to New Zealand through banking system; AND
  • Documents such as a incorporation certificate to support the foundation of the business; AND
  • Audited accounts; AND
  • GST records, as well as other tax records; AND
  • Documents to support the purchase or lease of business site in New Zealand; AND
  • Documents such as invoices against the purchase of business equipment; AND

A business immigration expert may ask the principal applicant to provide more evidence than just the aforementioned depending on the case of applicant.

If you are interested in applying for a residence permit to New Zealand, mail following information ASAP at ajay@abhinav.com for a free of charge assessment by Ajay Sharma, principal consultant, ABHINAV.

  • Your updated resume if skilled professional, or if businessmen, then brief on business profile along with information on your current personal net worth.
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well.
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age.
  • Information on any blood relatives residing in New Zealand. This is not a compulsory requirement to qualify for immigration to New Zealand, but serves as additional positive assessment and suitability factor.

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Supplementary Seasonal Employment New Zealand!

Supplementary Seasonal Employment work visa is apt for people residing in New Zealand and holds the validity of six months. Please note that the places available for workers are partial, hence waiting for approval may hold no relevance once the places are filled. After getting an approval, applicants applying under the Supplementary Seasonal Employment work visa have the freedom to work for any employer who is decked with a current SSE Approval in Principle.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The age limit must be 18 or above
  • It is essential to meet health and character mandates et with the Seasonal Employment New Zealand
  • Must demonstrate financial security, proving  the availability of ample funds (to purchase return ticket if have not purchased till date)
  • Prove the authenticity of your intentions to gain employment under an SSE-approved employer, along with showing proof of physical presence in New Zealand.
  • Need to show an employment offer from the concerned employer
  • If engaged in the completion of horticulture and viticulture work, show proof of the documents. (The main condition is that workers under this category are engaged to plant and maintain crops (& perform other tasks linked with it) by an SSE approved employer)
  • Proof of accommodation arrangements in the area where the prospective place to work is located

Health requirements: Please note that applicants having a risk of TB need to show their X-ray certificates along with fulfilling other mandates. Further, it is a must to satisfy the immigration official on your authenticity to work under an SSE-approved employer.

First step would be to immigrate to New Zealand in a legal manner. Visit www.abhinav.com for everything you want to know on immigration.

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Lithuania–Company Formation!

Being the biggest of the Baltic States, Lithuania is flooded with economic benevolences, hence becoming a new ice candy for prospective immigrants. Natural is to attract foreign direct investment options too. Principal applicant can aim for either of the following business entries:

  • Public limited company (AB)
  • Private limited company (UAB)
  • Third way is to opt for a representative or a branch office

Know about banking options in Lithuania: Banks of Lithuania play a critical role, offering standard services like foreign exchange and international payment options, hence playing their role in the company formation in Lithuania. An overseas applicant won’t face any hindrance in commencing a company in Lithuania, ensuring ample assistance from various financial options of Lithuania. Further, there are NO foreign exchange restrictions.

Please note that it is vital to open a bank account for applicants intending to open a company in Lithuania. Further aspects like constant economy, stumpy inflation, small labor costs and a soothing ambiance for the flourishing of business add more feathers in the cap of Lithuania, attracting foreign capital from all over the globe.

Applicants would be requiring perfect arrangement of pre-requisite documents to register a private limited company in Lithuania. The list include proof of an account in Lithuanian bank, minutes of the founding meeting, proof to show the act of incorporation/agreement and the company’s articles of association.

Contact ajay@abhinav.com for more information on “company formation in Lithuania” along with Lithuanian immigration application process.

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New Immigration Destinations on Cards

Studying abroad, immigrating to a new country, overseas employment opportunities, or no matter what… when these facets are thought, countries like Canada, UK, US and Australia strike the mind. And that’s where today’s prospective immigrants are missing the heat! With globalization moving like a pace faster than light, we have plenty of prospective countries barging from one end or the other, which surely has the potential to sweep new immigrants of their feet! Let us discuss some of them here:

Lithuania: The biggest of the three Baltic States, Lithuania can be one of those countries about which a majority of new immigrants have not even thought about. And that’s where its USP lies too. The natural resources and employment options are left unexplored, and hence, it could just be the right time for you to file your application for Lithuania!

Hong Kong: The country which has a superior infrastructure, urbanized economy and unremitting support from China, cannot go wrong with any facet at all! A goldmine in disguise for the future immigrants, Hong Kong is rising out as one of the hottest destinations to immigrate amid people from all over the world. Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme smoothens the entry of applicants, including entrepreneurs intending to move to Hong Kong!

Singapore: Singapore entrepreneur pass is one of the most sort-after ways for applicants to apply under Singapore immigration, hence clearing their ways to start a business in the country and settle in the long run.

Denmark: Danish Green Card allows the immigrant to work and stay in the country. They are allowed to bring in their immediate family members, provided they fulfill the mandates associated with it. The card is issued on the basis of points granted on the basis of various aspects like educational qualification, work experience, age and proficiency in the language, to name a few.

To apply for any of these countries, the first step would be to shoot an immediate mail to ajay@abhinav.com or fill the free assessment form for us to decide your eligibility towards any given country.