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How valid are restrictions being put on hiring of Indian Skilled Manpower by USA & rest of the developed world?

Allegedly, the world is becoming more and more intolerant of the professionals from India, especially the ones who are tech professionals, and who wish to do a job overseas, or so it seems. Recently, the US has made the procedure to give the H1-B Visas more difficult. Offered to the extremely skilled experts to do […]

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In The Pipeline: New H-1B Visa Rule Amendments

The erratic Donald Trump, the in-office US President, is again in the news, though one cannot say if it is for the wrong or the right reason. The Trump Government is, reportedly, planning to bring around a law proposed in 2011 to start pre-registration for the recruiters/firms, planning to engage those from abroad under the […]

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US H-1B Visa Category—A Fleeting Look

The US has a rather long and impressive history of attracting immigrants. And, if you closely consider the population out there, 11 million out of the 300 million are immigrants. The bottom line: the tolerance and acceptance that any immigrant wants is definitely there in the overseas hotspot in question. But the challenging part that […]

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H-1B Season for Fiscal year 2016!!!

Submission of H-1B Petitions to USCIS starting from April 1, 2015 It’s time for H-1B cap season again! USCIS will start accepting CAP H-1B petitions for the fiscal year of 2016 quota. US employers, who wish to hire foreign workers in specialty occupation, may sponsor H-1B visa by filing H-1B petition. As we know, H-1B […]

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H-1B Upper Limit Touched For 2015

The H-1B upper limit for the financial year of 2015 has been touched even as the same denotes that the US Immigration will not admit any more petitions for the visas, except it’s a non-profit associated with a university, or renewal. The process had been started only on April 1, 2014 and by April 7 […]

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