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Immigration Fraud May Lead to Deportation of Hundreds of Indians Students from US

WASHINGTON: A prospect of deportation might be on the cards for various Indian students studying in the United States. Reports say that a big raid has been inculcated, leading to the shutting down of a University in the Silicon Valley on the basis of big immigration fraud charges imposed on the same.

The Tri-Valley University, the educational institution in concerned, is located in Pleasanton in San Francisco Bay Area. The Federal investigating authorities have charged the same for being involved in immigration related scams, money laundering matters and other fraudulent crimes.

The complaint filed in a California court says that the educational institution faced a raid last week and since then is facing a shut down, leaving thousands of students in a state of limbo. It is believed that one thousand five hundred and fifty five students are a part of the University, with 95 percent belonging to Indian origin.

Investigations further found that students were enrolled in various courses and were living in California, in accordance with papers. But reality speaks an altogether different story, pointing at their intentions to work in an undocumented manner in different parts of the country.

Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) has termed this institution as a sham university, highlighting its work to enroll students in an undocumented manner so that they can work anywhere in the country on an illegal basis. The investigations cleared that more than fifty percent of these students were living in a single apartment situated in Sunnyvale California.

This has now created a state of dread amongst the Indian students.

Migrants Notifies On Scams Related With Visas!

Canada: The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has come out with an innovative online consumer protection resource which would be made in use for education of new immigrants intending to move to Canada about various visa related scams and how to stay away from them.

According to immigration minister Chris Bowen, it is essential for the new immigrants to know about various visa related scams so that they are never stuck with any illegal immigration consultants working around them. He said that new prospective immigrants should be aware of their tricks before giving huge amount of money to them for the services which are never offered to them. Keeping this facet in mind, the department has come out with new online consumer protection resource which would help these people know about various immigration scams happening all over the world ands how to be protected against them.

The kit applauded as “Protect Yourself from Migration Fraud” is decked with various tales of victims, how they were left in a limbo, plus the tips on how to stay away from fake immigration consultants and identifying fraudulent activities going on in the immigration arena. Additionally, it has various links to customer resources and some video testimonials too.

Mr. Bowen further said that keeping in mind the number of complaints which has increased in the past few years, the introduction of the kit has been kept after keeping the sake of prospective immigrants in mind.

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Restaurant Fined Over Illegal Worker!

Eckington: A restaurant in Eckington would have to face a gigantic fine of up to £10,000 for employing an undocumented worker during a raid conducted by the officials of the UK Border Agency. Reports say that the process was part of an ongoing attempt to weed out illegal immigrants, applicants indulged in fake marriages for the purpose of immigration, bogus students and institutions and organized immigration scams on a national level.

Acting on the information received by sources, the officials marked a raid on Bilals Restaurant located on Market Street, cross-checking the genuineness of the workers and knowing their legal immigration status.

A worker of Bangladeshi origin, aged 27, was found employed as a waiter and was caught red-handed having no legal documents to work in the country and having entered the nation in an undocumented manner.

He was later released on immigration bail but has to mark his presence at the office of the UK Border Agency on a regular basis meanwhile the investigation is going on to deport him back to his homeland.

The restaurant faced an on-the-spot penalty note for employing an undocumented employee and is liable to pay a huge fine in return. It has now become mandatory for the restaurant to prove that it went for the right amount of pre-employment checks on its employees.

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Immigration Racket Expert Caught While Fleeing!

NEW DELHI: An alleged immigration racket specialist along with his brother-in-law who managed to flee a jail in Ludhiana after showing fake papers, were taken into custody by Delhi Police after they tried to abscond the nation.

The man in concern, Vipin Sharama aged 34, along with Aman Alam (his brother-in-law aged 26) were taken into custody by the Delhi Police. The arrest happened at the IGI Airport and G T Karnal Road bypass respectively

Allegations are that Vipin has his hands in twenty cases including immigration scams, attempt to murder and forgery, to name a few. All these cases have been registered against him at various police stations in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. In addition to this, his brother in law, Alam has been offended for six cases.

Vipin earlier was taken into custody on May 18 by the officials of special cell was booked under MCOCA.

Additional DCP (special cell) Shibesh Singh has stated that both of them have been taken to the Ludhiana Jail. The accused managed to release themselves on the basis of fake documents after intriguing with some pf the staff members of the Jail authority.

Information was received by the investigators regarding the hide out places of both the accused. While Sharma was hiding some where in Mumbai, Alam hibernated himself in Delhi. The network has its expansion in India, Bangkok and Nepal.

Immigration Scams in UK!

No matter how the concerned authorities in their respective countries take up measures to prevent illegal immigration and crack down on unscrupulous immigration agents or consultants, as well as educational institutions, people have been into such illegal practices in every corner.

Recently, the UK Border Agency has shut down two colleges alleged with providing fake services to international students in the United Kingdom. The colleges in London and Manchester served overseas students to immigrate with the help of fake credentials and other documents required in the immigration process.

Over the recent months, the UK Border Agency identified as many as 200 such educational institutions in the nation that facilitate international students with fabricated documents to obtain UK visas and action has already been taken by the authorities. Many of the educational institutions identified with little credibility.

On one such instance, a person named Syed Ahmed, who is a former lawyer, was jailed for more than eight years since he had been engaged in illegal practices like making fake documents at Thames College in London. He is one of the 5 persons identified as running a forged college, and providing unethical immigration services in London. He was found guilty of conspiring to assist illegal immigration. Other four accompanying members of Syed are two Chinese, including his wife and two Bangladeshi nationals.

This is just one case where people are misleading immigrants. Everyday we come across many such instances where thousands of people have been misguided by so-called immigration consultants. Immoral advisors abuse the immigration systems of different countries, which is unacceptable. Countries like United Kingdom, United States and Canada have been taking measures to uncover unethical consultants. Every country should take such measures to discourage practices in relation to illegal immigration!

Bakery Owner Accused of Employing Illegal Immigrants!

A bakery shop owner in San Diego has been taken into custody for hiring illegal immigrants; the same has been confirmed by the Immigration authorities who stated that more than fifty percent of the employees are working on an illegal manner in the US.

The authorities further confirmed that an arrest of 44 employers have taken place in concerned of their undocumented status in the country.

The complaints have been made by Federal court that the S&S bakery made deliveries to various identities including the San Diego’s federal courthouse, various military bases and jail houses.

According to one informant, their owner used to order them to get undocumented paper work done. The informant is a legal resident and was allowed to get employed in the U.S., a facet which his boss was u unaware of.

Immigration scams in San Diego are getting very common these days. It was not long back when French Gourmet’s owners were charged of giving employment to various undocumented workers who were staying in the country in illegal manner. For this, they had to succumb to a fine of millions of dollars.

Like the S&S bakery, deliveries were made to the various military bases located in San Diego by the French Gourmet.

Restaurants and bakery shops are some of the most common premises which hire undocumented workers at low costs.

Canadian Immigration Minister Seeking End of Immigration Crime!

Immigration Minister of Canada Jason Kenney has recently stated that he would be coming out with regulations that would punish the human smugglers and order them to go through jail terms. The rules would be applicable for both national as well as overseas people.

The minister is involved in discussions from his counterparts from various nations like France, Italy, Greece and Germany as to how to act strict on the removal of undocumented, illegal and fake refugee claimants. Other countries include Britain and Belgium. These countries are some of the highly prospective countries when it comes to people immigration from their home country to another. These are also popular amongst people seeking refugee status from various Asian and African territories.

As far as the data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is concerned, Canada stands at number three position of the most popular places for refugees. First two places are grabbed by the U.S. and France.

If reports are to be believed, the minister is scheduled to have discussions with various officials from India, Philippines and China on how to deal with immigration scams and people who get involved in fake practices while moving to other countries. Stricter rules are on the cards for boat people as well.

Processes are still going on that would determine whether people coming from boat are legitimate refugees or not.

Mickky Favors New Visa Regulations for Genuine Tourists!

Goa tourism minister Francisco ‘Mickky’ Pacheco, in a recent TOI (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/New-regulations-will-bring-in-genuine-tourists-Mickky/articleshow/5442458.cms) report said that the new visa regulations would help in bringing in more genuine visitors to Goa in the coming years. The amendments would further keep a strict check on the “illegal immigration,” which is one of the root causes that weakens the overall economy of a country in a major way.

He said that stringent regulations would prevent the applicants with tourist visa to take any employment. Also, 90 days are ample for the tourists to enjoy their time in Goa.

The minister further commented on the people who get long leaves from their jobs and said that these are the ones who survive on “Employment Doles!” He asked: Do these people actually spend this much amount? Talking about the retires who spend months here, Mickky said that they too survive on doles!

The new amendments would ensure that international migrants stay away from any kind of violation of their status by keeping the facet of ‘Illegal Immigration’ miles away!

It should be noted that Immigration scams are happening all over the world. It is not just the government of Goa that is taking stringent measures, but government authorities from all over the world are getting exceptionally particular about the immigrants entering their countries. Taking assistance from an Immigration veteran not only ensures that all procedures are carried out in a legal manner but see to it that all your documents are presented to the High Commission in the right manner.