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New Zealand Introduces New Interim Visa

New Zealand has come out with a new type of visa which would be of great relief for travelers, overseas students and employees who are intending to extend their stay in the nation. The introduction would happen on 7th February of this month and is crafted to allow people maintain a person’s lawful status in the land of Kiwis, where they already have a temporary visa (which is valid in nature) and have filed an application for a further temporary visa.

In order to have the eligibility for this interim visa, the applicant must have the temporary visa with him/her; it should be valid at the time of applying further when their application for another temporary visa is acknowledged by Immigration New Zealand. In a majority of cases, it has been confirmed that the new visa would be given through electronic means, without them being labeled in the personal passport of the applicant. In addition to this, he would be notified through email or a letter whether he has been granted the interim visa or not.

The legitimacy of the visa would last until the time the applicant’s application for temporary visa is determined up to a maximum of six months. It is mandatory for the applicant to stay away from filing any application for other class of visa while the interim visa is current. Also, the applicant can not use the visa for travel purpose, which directly indicates that if the interim visa holder leaves the nation; his visa would automatically be expired.

In short, an interim visa allows the applicant to remain in their current job under a lawful status while their application has been processed.

Simplified Student Visa Process in New Zealand!

The New Zealand government is definitely doing its bit to attract as many foreign students as possible. The government of the nation has simplified its regulations for foreign students intending to pursue higher education in New Zealand. This has come about when nations like UK and Australia are applying stringent restrictions for visa, for foreign nationals. So, this can definitely be termed as an incentive for the nation making up for where the foreign nationals are losing out in other nations.

The changes in the immigration process for New Zealand would make it much easier for those opting to study in the nation. The newer and simplified process caters to increased number of options as well as support to all the applicants.

The significant amend here would cater to the introduction of an Interim Visa which would permit all the students to continue residing in the nation till they get a renewal on the extension of their already existing visa.

Apart from the above, the other major changes include the over making the process to study in New Zealand a much simpler one. These cater to lesser frequency when it comes to the renewals of medical certificates.

These amends have come about after in the wake of the constantly changing scenario in immigration worldwide. This is especially true for nations such as UK and Australia which have made it even more difficult for foreign students to enter their nation. More so, these nations have been condemned for bringing about such provisions diverting the prospective students away from the nation.