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Use your tongue magic!

No doubts looks is the first thing that attracts us to someone. But once this initial phase of “feelings in the pants” has subsided, it’s the other factors that come into play like your intelligence and personality. Great conversation is the key to have people stick around with you. Being boring and blurting out more than necessary is sure to get people running away from you in all directions!

Use your tongue magic

Great conversations are not a one man show. Here are some tried and tested methods to hit the right spot.

Be interesting: It is great to begin with topics that would immediately put someone in the comfort zone. Let others get curious on what you have to say or be happy to drop in their comments. Talk about some unforgettable experiences, inspiring people they met etc

Be fun: Nothing is more attractive than a man/woman who can make you laugh your guts out. Sarcastic and dry humor is not understood by all. Humor is customized. Some may even appreciate your PJ’s!

Let the eyes meet: Eyes do their own talking. The words and the eyes don’t always be in sync. Watch out for those delicate give-aways. Maintain a good eye contact. It will give weightage to whatever you speak.

Don’t be bugging: Showing of your knowledge or being pompous is a great way to repel people. Simple conclusion is that avoid blowing your own trumpet!

Right body language: Your body getting molded the wrong way, every now and then can create a different impression about you in the mind of the opposite person. Even if you are attracted to someone, do not be “explicit” about it. Unless both of you want to let the sparks fly high.

Do not graze on controversial topics: Introduce controversial topics at your own risk like politics, religion or living in. Remember you’re not in some courtroom. However, if revenge is on your mind, go for the kill with words (be well researched though).

Don’t be a moral police: Don’t be judging or recite a well rehearsed piece on ethics. Everyone has a right to live/think their way. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Listen: Take time to listen to what others have to say. You may learn a lot in this process.

As they say find yourself a mate who you can talk to…that is definitely in my agenda. Imagine an eye candy and disturbing silence… whoa!! That’s it I am running for the rope!

Conversation with our experts at Abhinav can shed a lot of your doubts about immigration. It’s all easy when you get talking!

Mastiii For You!

Who would not want a laugh riot in life on a daily basis? And so, a channel has come about called “Mastiii” from the stables of Sri Adhikari Brothers. A 24-hour non stop channel for those seeking entertainment minus the sobs! The best part is that this channel is for everyone…pure unadulterated – uncensored fun.

Mastiii New TV Channel by SAB Group

With the famous comedians of the nation being roped in with some added dose of music, it is sure to win the hearts of the audience. The channel has been devised in such a manner which can be considered as a radio on television to be tuned in at any time of day or night.

The music varies from all time favorites to the latest music on the charts. The main aspect is that the channel intends to play the entire song instead of showing bits of a piece. Seventy five of the channel content is music where as the rest twenty five percent is aimed at comedy which is the station’s unique selling point.

A channel aimed at making people laugh can be considered as something very innovative especially in times where reality shows are the flavor of the season. Apart from this, there are specific channels aimed at entertainment, lifestyles and other genres. This can be considered as the first attempt for a comic channel. With this, the SAB group is breaking away from their regular stereotypes of thirty minute shows. Instead, there are one-minute fillers, jokes and gags in between the music.

The SAB Group is expecting the channel to be a success very soon with comedians like Suresh Menon, Raju Srivastav, Sunil Pal, Sugandha Mishra, Shailesh Lodha, Kiku Sharda and many more. These comedians are already household names. So, the audience is expected to tune in with these established names.

So, from our favorite politicians to cricketers to film stars all the way to villagers, we can expect jokes and gags of all forms. So, I am definitely tuning in to this channel as soon as it is available on my idiot box.

Bollywood and Comedy!

Gone are the days when comedy was considered the most difficult genre in cinema. Especially, I caught saying many of Bollywood actors confessing that doing comedy onscreen has been one the most difficult acts they have ever attempted. But, do you really feel the same thing, considering the present scenario in Bollywood? I mean, today a director thinks any actor (rather lower paid actors) can fit the bill in comedy movies. I must appreciate the guts of such Tom, Dick and Harry who bothers to attempt comedy.


Comedy is, I guess, one of the most widely accepted genres in Indian cinema, especially Bollywood. Because, comedy movies are fun and you can come out of the hall after watching them with a light heart. No tragedy, no hard-hitting social issues…just fun, fun and fun! After all, these movies are made in an intention to make everybody laugh, though there are some movies that give us a message at the end. And that’s very appreciable!

Of late, a host of Bollywood comedy movies have been released. Honesty speaking, none of them bears that aura that a typical Bollywood-style comedy is expected to have. Remember classics like Amol Palekar starrer Gol Maal; Chupke Chupke that has Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan as lead actors; Sunil Dutt starrer Padosan and Aamir Khan and Salman Khan starrer Andaaz Apna Apna. Do you think today’s comedy movies are comparable to these classics?

Whom to blame? Directors, or actors? Partially both. Directors just think that having a few popular faces in a movie can make it a huge hit. Unfortunately, they are wrong proven. New age audience is not brainless and it wants meaningful stuff in a movie. Today, the audience is more concerned about their money and thus wants that a movie must be a paisa vasool! For example, as an audience I would enjoy a movie, which has a Rajpal Yadav or a Paresh Rawal, rather than enjoying a movie that has a more popular actor or a star.

Secondly, there is a vast difference between the cinematic approach of today’s and yester year’s directors. Legendary directors like Hrishikesh Mukherjee had given some of the most successful comedy movies in Bollywood and those still captivate the charisma. Even now given a choice, we would definitely ask for these classics, rather than watching a new-age comedy.

Thirdly, there is no point in putting a lot of characters in a movie if the scriptwriter and directors cannot do justice to each of them. Such is the situation in most new-age comedy movies. There is unnecessary messiness…and most importantly, this thing tends to make you deviate from the main story. Sometimes I doubt if a director is working without a script? Does he extend the story in the process of shooting? You never know!

I hope Bollywood directors are not losing their charm or losing their grip at comedy? I wish to see directors come up with good scripts with laughable (because most of today’s comedy do not make us laugh) comedy in the near future!

Smile and Laugh Your Way to Live Longer!!!

:) :) :) :-D HAHAHA…You sure must have heard that laughter is the best medicine! This statement has been heard and proved time and again. It is common that happy people are free from stress and other related ailments. It keeps them physically, mentally and emotional fit when compared to their less happy counterparts.


I am sure you all must have noticed that cheerful faces are much appealing than the moody ones. It is not because they are attractive but when compared, they are the ones who could be easily approached. If you are trying to imagine what I am suggesting, I recommend that you go out there and try! Trust me, it works…

A smile is a small curve which puts everything into shape. Smile is also considered to be a key to happiness. With happiness comes joy and with joy comes pleasure. A happy person tends to live longer than someone who is not so happy. More so, they are found to be more friendly and nice when it comes to being at work or at interpersonal relations or even exchanging courtesies.

But did you know that it aids to an increased life expectancy as well? We all fail to realize that a small smile could be the biggest secret behind leading a long – long life ahead. It has now been proved by a recent study. The deeper a smile with more number of creases around the eyes, the longer a person lives. Evidence shows that happy people are healthier with better chances of life expectancy.

It all started with a study on old photographs by the experts from the Wayne State University in Michigan. Two hundred and thirty photographs of major league baseball players were studied. These photographs were taken from the baseball register of 1952. The register also contained other details such as the date of birth, marital status, weight and information pertaining to their careers.

These pictures were ranked on basis of whether they were smiling or not, partially smiling, completely smiling with a grin swelling cheeks and forming creases across the eyes. They were then compared based on the life term for each player.

The research showed that the one hundred and eighty four who died belonged to the category of “No Smile”. These people lived on an average for 72.9 years. Those belonging to the category of “Partial Smiles” lived for 75 years on an average. But those with the broad grins lived for up to 79 years. This is an increase by seven additional years from ones with no smiles.

However, fake smiles would not really help here. Those with genuine smiles (Duchenne smiles) had a better shot of an increased life expectancy. Such smile involves the activity of muscles around the mouth and eyes and is named after the neurologist who defined it. When compared to those of the non – Duchenne smiles, they only affect the mouth.

So, it also means that one cannot be superficial to gain that extension. You have to get it right from within! So, is it possible all the time?

Ask me and I would say that it would definitely not come to me naturally all the time…but yes, an effort could be made. As always, practice is the key to improve and attempting it right. And, if you add a touch of wit and humor, it can get infectious to get rid off.

If you look at it the other way, people with wit and humor are always more popular. They are liked by people around them. And so, you might even turn out to be the icon of your group. Your jovial nature can turn out to be the centre of attraction or rather distraction…either way, you would have got it all!

Above all, keeping aside the increased life expectancy, you would be more content and relaxed with yourself. And the big peace of mind which people crave for would be with you forever. So, keep smiling :) :)