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Requirements for an Australia State Nomination!

Several territories and states generate lists for in-demand occupations for their specific region. If you have had a positive assessment of skills for any of the mentioned Australian in-demand occupations in the MODL (Migration Occupation In-demand List), you may apply for an Australia state nomination and further for a skilled regional sponsored visa or a skilled sponsored visa to Australia.

Besides enjoying the benefit of accelerated processing, your pass mark requirement is also reduced to mere 100 points in such cases and you are also awarded 10 additional points for nomination by the state government.

General criteria for Australia state nomination

Though there is a huge variation in state nomination criteria for every state but a few common requirements that applies to almost all Australian states are:

  • Positive assessment of your skills for any one of the in-demand occupations included in the list generated by the government of that particular Australian state
  • Sufficient settlement funds given in the requirements of that Australian state. This usually varies between $20,000 – $40,000, depending on the composition of the family
  • Sufficient proficiency in the English language so that you do not have to face much difficulty in finding work in that Australian state. This requirement is normally higher than the language requirement of the Department of Australian immigration
  • May require a compulsory job offer in that state
  • May have work experience requirement for your nominated occupation or to meet the latest work experience condition that requires you to have a minimum of 12 or 24 months of skilled employment experience

Australia state nomination criteria for international students

However, if you are an international student in Australia and applying for nomination by the state government:

  • State nomination occupations made available for international students are quite limited, like Victoria makes available very few occupations for nomination by the state government and have also suspended assessment of any nominations filed for trade occupations
  • Job offer may be required, if a student has not completed their studies in the state
  • WA and ACT demand students to exhibit themselves to be residents of the region before their state nomination for Australia is finalized
  • NT normally nominates students for skilled regional sponsored visa, who have usually completed their studies in NT itself
  • SA looks for applicants who can show their experience in skilled employment for a minimum of 12 months in the last two years, though a few applicants with exception to this may also be selected

“Off list” nominations

Further, every Australian territory and state is given 500 places to provide “off list” nominations. This permits them to nominate applicants at their own discretion, even when the applicants do not have their occupation included in the list given by the Australian territory or state. In most cases, the possibility of “off list” nominations is higher if the applicant holds a job offer in that state or territory.

Process time for Australia state nomination applications

As far as time involved in processing of state nomination applications is concerned, this varies according to state. Because of the rise in applications received after the announcement for the changes, processing time for applications in Australia has greatly increased. Indicative time for processing, as given by a few territories and states, are 2-3 months.

However, Australia state nomination is still a great immigration option that supersedes many other alternative immigration choices.

Work as a Chef (except Commis Chef) in Australia

The tasks of a chef involve cooking of food and present it in the most pleasant manner. In addition, the applicant is required to plan and organize dining and catering procedures, whenever required. Other tasks may include:

  • Making an estimate of the overall cost after consulting with the seniors and head chef
  • Planning menu and the overall arrangement
  • Implement rosters for the entire staff and leading the activities going on in the team
  • Give reports on the food items and prepare menu in accordance with managers and dieticians
  • Discuss the issues of food preparation and make requisitions for various food items, whenever required
  • Provide advise on cooking procedures
  • Demonstrate cooking techniques and cook food
  • Assist with freezing and preserving food items, making gravies, sauces and garnish while making sure that everything is conducted under mentioned hygiene regulations
  • May have the power to select staff members and conduct their training.

Basic Requirements

  • The applicant may require an AQF Diploma or the relevant higher qualification
  • Chef must have a total of seven years of experience including a 4 year apprenticeship and a minimum of 3 year experience.
  • Some of the specializations may include Chef de Partie, Demi Chef, Second Chef and Sous Chef, to name a few.

Occupation List

  • The profession is on the Skilled Occupation List
  • It is also present on the Migration Occupation in Demand List
  • You can get a sponsorship for your PR visa Employment Nomination from an Australian business.
  • Or an Australian or overseas business can provide you with sponsorship under the Temporary Business Sponsorship.

You just need to hire the services from an Immigration and Visa specialist and leave everything to them!

Work as an External Auditor in Australia

The occupation of External Auditor is listed in the MODL of Australia. The job responsibilities include the following:

  • Providing independent opinions and suggestions on the financial aspects of the firm.
  • Designing and operating information relevant to the financial requirements of a company.
  • Fulfilling the financial obligations.
  • Ensure that the accounting records are accurate, with all the assets and liabilities mentioned in books.
  • Have the responsibility of preparing financial statements and making reports for the organization.
  • Having a thorough study of the reports and determining the effectiveness of the firm.
  • The responsibilities may also include managing the financial records of the company and the government departments.


  • A Bachelor Degree or Higher Qualification
  • 1 year experience in the concerned field
  • A minimum IELTS Band of 6.0 each.
  • Registration or licensing is essential

Skill Assessment

It is mandatory that you have your skills assessed by a relevant assessing authority before filing your application form. A positive response from the same would prove to be an added advantage in you case. In general, there are three assessing authorities for assessing the skills of an External Auditor in Australia. They are:

  • CPA Australia Ltd
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA)
  • National Institute of Accountants (NIA)

After getting a positive skill assessment, you are required to apply for your Visa. A wiser option would be take guidance from an expert Immigration and Visa specialist and commence further!