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Know about HK Capital Investment Entrant Program!

Capital entrant investment program of Hong Kong is one of the popular immigration routes for global investors and business people. HK is growing as a favorite immigration choice by business people and investors. Open HK economy is attracting global investors to share the profitability and growth. Capital Investment Entrant Scheme is an easy entry route to the mainland regarding investment and new business.

Candidates require satisfying several conditions to be approved for Capital Investment Entrant program. Also, people willing to acquire permanent residency in HK under CIES have to present net value of minimum ten million HK dollars subjected to pursue the funds for minimum two years prior to the application.

Candidates succeeding the prerequisites of HK visa rules are granted with Approval in Principle for residency of six months primarily. Candidate has to engage a financial firm to handle his investments, if he is willing to invest the planned capital of HK Dollar of ten million in equities, stocks and debt securities.

CIES program enables candidate to prefer to dock his funds in government permissible assets for instance debt securities, equities and stocks. Eligibility to access one or more of the assets for investment is granted later depending on candidate’s profile. Real estate is temporarily suspended from the list of permissible asset by the HK government.

If candidate’s investment is permitted by HK government then he is granted for visa of two years that can be extended further. CIES is a favorite visa program of investors to earn permanent residence. After every three year assets reviewed and the candidate must infuse the funds in HK market for seven years minimum to gain permanent residence status. Later on candidate can be approved of permissible investment access to added assets including real estate.

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Skilled Workers Needed in Hong Kong!

As is well know, the finance and import-export sectors of Hong Kong are major contributors to its economy, this piece of news would certainly bring a smile on everyone’s face for those who are intending for an Asian immigration. Hong Kong being one of the few most popular Asian destinations in the continent, people will rethink about their immigration plans once they are aware of the opportunities abound in the city-state.

Hong Kong economy is mainly catered by the finance sector and this is the sector that attracts most people from outside its boundaries to work and settle in the Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China. Currently, finance sector along with import-export industry are facing labor shortages as employers are finding it hard to meet the requirements with local people, reason being the skills they are targeting are lacking in local workers.

As employers are unable to meet the labor gaps in the market locally, they are ready to start the hunt to hire foreign workers, especially from mainland China and India to fulfill the vacancies. Thus, this seems the right time to consider Hong Kong immigration. Currently, the city-state’s jobless rate is around 4 percent and from this we could say that it is doing better in recovering from the worldwide financial meltdown, as compared to many developed economies.

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is the ideal way for highly skilled foreign nationals to enter and settle Hong Kong. In order to know about the immigration route, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant. If you are already aware of the same, just start the process by getting your professional profile assessed by ajay@abhinav.com for free of charge.

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Hong Kong Company Registration Prerequisites!

Establishing a company or business in Hong Kong mainland is simple and supported by the government.  Easy policy and taxation system of Hong Kong are the luring factors for global investor immigration.

Businesses that are incorporating in HK mainland benefitted from its simple and low taxation. Forbes’ Tax Misery Index has ranked Hong Kong on the third position due to low taxation. Hong Kong Company registration is hugely advantages by system of having zero sales tax or VAT, no withholding tax or dividends tax or zero capital gains tax. Citing these taxation benefits business immigrants hugely benefited with the system in Hong Kong.

Company Registration in Hong Kong mainland is comparatively straight forward.  The major requirements for company registration are first most the confirmation about company name and business structure followed by provision of some easy details to meet the law criteria which covers one company director at least need not to be a HK resident, a company secretary which should be a Hong Kong resident to incorporate your documentation and space prerequisites and the most importantly a minimum capital of one million HK Dollars. Next follows the registration process of your company which is handled by the company secretary, opening of a corporate account in a HK bank and possession of an office in HK, a virtual office is an alternative available.

Hong Kong is a superb destination for foreign entrepreneurs to start and nurture their new business. Your new business or company set-up is advantaged from the geographic positions of Hong Kong as the booming center of China economy. The nation reflects a sundry multi-cultural atmosphere which is preferable for worldwide business immigration as well as an exciting place to live by earning permanent residence.

Interested investor visa candidates capable of investing considerably can assess Abhinav immigration expert visa services. We are actively serving business people and entrepreneurs regarding worldwide immigration since 1994.

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Hong Kong Immigrants, Equal chances for Investor or Skilled!

Hong Kong is one of the major financial hub regarding international trade and business on the world map. Hong Kong has been termed as the modern and cosmopolitan region for financial services on worldwide business front. The mainland offers a free marketing tradition persuading investors and big business houses to long for Hong Kong immigration visa from all part of the world. Figure of around 3.5 million employees in such a small city itself reflects the success story of Hong Kong economy and job opportunities.

The robust economy and open market reflects plethora of investment, business and job opportunities to Hong Kong visa holders. Jobs in Hong Kong attract skilled immigration to Hong Kong providing changed and better working conditions. Whether its investor immigration, business visa, Hong Kong work permit or permanent residency in Hong Kong, the mainland offers easy and simple migration policies to worldwide visa candidates.

The HK government interested to maintain the balance of people and resources to provide the needed flow to the economy by inviting highly skilled and skilled worker immigration to mainland by proposing hassle-free visa, work and living policies. Visa holders find it easy to breath in Hong Kong due to foreigner friendly and competent governance. The government is keen to provide superior infrastructure, standard lifestyle and friendly regulatory environment to the skilled workers and business people who have preferred HK visa and immigration.

Relocate to Hong Kong to grab the golden opportunities available presently as well as in near future. HK mainland has a high demand for investor, highly skilled professionals and skilled labors. Around three million people are working in Hong Kong service industry and the story is same with rest industries. Hong Kong major business industries are Financial Services, Business and Professional Services, Retail and Consumer sector, IT and Media, electronics & biotech industries and rest others.

Candidates aspiring to settle abroad can opt for Hong Kong immigration citing the broad diverse industry requirement adequate to accommodate a wide range of skills. You belong to any particular sector or service industry, Hong Kong preserves better earning tranche for you and your family. Forward your updated resume today to ajay@abhinav.com to avail free assessment.

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Capital Investment Entrant Scheme entry to your Hong Kong Business!

Hong Kong is becoming the preferred immigration choice by investors and big business houses. Open economy of Hong Kong is attracting investors from worldwide to share the profitability and stability of its economy. Capital Investment Entrant Scheme is your entry route to Hong Kong investment and business.

Hong Kong has been envisaged as key of East Asia financial services and investment activities. It is repeatedly grabbing the top position in the listing of Doing Business Reports, ranking at third position in 2010 report. The surging economy of Hong Kong is emerging to be dreamland for investors for its straightforward commerce rules and excise benefits.

Abhinav immigration is engaged in providing Hong Kong investors visa since 1994. Applicants need to satisfy several conditions to qualify for Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. Investors willing to earn a permanent residence in Hong Kong under CIES have to exhibit net worth of minimum ten million HK dollar subjected to pursuing the funds for two years prior to the submission of application.

If you qualify the prerequisites of Hong Kong immigration then Approval in principle is awarded for residence for six months initially. You have to employ a financial firm to manage your investments if you want to invest the proposed capital of ten million HK dollar in equities, stocks and debt securities.

Under CIES program you can choose to port your investment in government permissible assets such as equities, stocks and debt securities. You can be eligible for one or more of the assets depending on your profile and qualification. Real estate has been suspended from the list of permissible asset temporarily.

If your investment is approved by Hong Kong government then you will be granted visa approval for two years subjected to extend further. CIES is the most preferred visa scheme by investors to get permanent residency. Your assets will be reviewed every 3 years and you must infuse the investment in Hong Kong market for minimum of seven years to gain permanent residency. You may gain permissible investment access to more assets as well as real estate in the next review if you maintain the regulations.

Abhinav immigration is the oldest and most trusted name for investment visa scheme. We hold the core specialization in investment class visa of almost every country since 1994. Contact us or mail your resume to ajay@abhinav.com if you want to avail free of charge assessment to your profile concerning your qualification for CIES scheme and Hong Kong immigration.

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Employment as Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

If you are intending to get employment in Hong Kong as a domestic helper (FDH), your application would be rightly considered if:

  • The authenticity of the principal applicant and the employer are clear. Additionally, there should NOT be any known record of harm/loss/damage against both of them.
  • The applicant is decked with an experience of more than twenty four months under the same category.
  • The employer has financial proficiency of employing the helper. He has all the assets to provide appropriate accommodation to the applicant.
  • The applicant is a genuine resident in Hong Kong.
  • The salary offered by the employer should be in accordance with the “allowable wage.”
  • Both the employer and the employee mutually agree to the standard employment contract (having notarized by suitable consulate).
  • The applicant has appropriate health (certified through medical examination.)

Please Note:

FDHs are not granted the freedom to take up any driving duties, provided they are entering through the contract which bars them from motor driving duties. But employers having authentic need for their Foreign Domestic Helpers to perform such responsibilities can apply for exceptional permission. However, it is essential for both the employer and helper to fulfill certain mandates linked with the application of this permission.

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Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme–Know Your Eligibility

The objective of the Hong Kong Capital Investment Entrant Scheme is to smoothen the entry of entrants who are intending to make capital investments in Hong Kong (own choice of investments amongst assets which are allowed) with no intentions of running/joining a business in the country.

The Scheme is valid for:

  • Overseas applicants (barring nationals from countries like Albania, Afghanistan, Cuba and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
  • Chinese nationals who are decked with a PR status in an overseas nation.
  • Stateless people having attired with a PR status in an overseas nation. Additionally, there should be re-entry facilities proven from the applicant’s side.
  • Residents from Taiwan.

Here is the Eligibility Criteria (for the applications submitted on or after 14 October 2010):

  • The applicant must be aged 18 or more.
  • Financial asset should have a net worth of not less than HK$10 million
  • He should have made the investment (within six months before submitting the application or within six months after he has been given approval by the Immigration Department) of not less than HKD 10 million in permissible investment classes
  • Should have a clear record.
  • Should be able to prove that he would be able to support self and dependants (is any) without taking the benefits from the country.

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Hong Kong Spring Festival May Witness 6.43 Million Travelers

A per Immigration Department of Hong Kong, 6.43 million travelers are estimated to mark their presence in “happening” Hong Kong, courtesy the Chinese New Year holiday period which is on cards!

If the figures would come out true, a hike of 11 percent would be witnessed as compared to the same period last annum. Figures say that dates from Feb 2 till Feb 9 would be the buzzing of the all with almost 2.12 million passengers marking their presence on these dates. Lo Wu control point would witness these people passing through it, with Feb 2 being the busiest day for the outbound traffic. Additionally, Feb 5 would be the busiest day for inbound traffic. The facet clearly indicates the rush which this amazing country would be facing in the coming days. No doubt, it is one of the best opportunities for the nation to boost its position both financially as well as economically.

No doubt, passenger traffic would be at its peak during these hours too. To cope up with this flock of travelers, the department has curbed down the leave for staff working at control points and made arrangements for extra staff members which would have their posting during this peak season. Additional security officers and posts have been inculcated from the security point of view. This is done as a crowd management tool.

Those intending to visit Hong Kong during this ever-buzzing and great period are advised to get their travel visa as soon as possible. Visit www.abhinav.com for more info or write a mail at ajay@abhinav.com now.

Hong Kong World’s Freest Economy!

The economy of Hong Kong has been applauded as world’s freest economy in accordance with the ranking conducted by Heritage Foundation, a U.S based entity. Hong Kong has been awarded the status above its opponents Australia and Singapore.

With the news flashing in the global market, expectations from the economy too has risen in a major way. With more and more employment prospects expected to come in the coming future, job aspirants can see an unexplored gold-mine lying in front of them – be it making investment in Hong Kong, starting own business or digging into some brilliant job offers – Hong Kong is geared up to offer all!

The country managed to get a score of 89.7, which in itself outcrosses the average score of the world – 59.7! That in itself is positive news for prospective immigrants to Hong Kong.

According to the report, Hong Kong managed to portray a high level of rigidity at the time of financial recession that stuck at the global level. The country in itself serves as one of the most competitive financial and business centers on the planet. One of the biggest boosts that led to country’s ranking is the freedom in finance and trade witnessed in Hong Kong’s economy.

Other factors affecting the ranking are investment freedom along with business and monetary freedom and property rights.

Top five countries in the list are Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Visitor to Hong Kong Saw an Augment Of 22.5%

According to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, visitors coming to Hong Kong have amplified by a good percentage of 22.5, witnessed in the first 11 months of the year 2010.

Figures say that a total number of 32,486,877 visitors marked their presence between January till November of the year 2010, hence exceeding the number of visitors compared to the last year. The month of November alone saw visitors reaching a good number 3,052,390, marking a rise of 17.1 percent over November of 2009.

Hong Kong has always been a prospective country to immigrate, be it on Travel visa or on a Permanent residency. The country is decked with plenty of business related options that entrepreneurs would love marking a good career move in Hong Kong. With wonderful economy and state of art facilities, this can be an eventual destination of your dreams.

Figures further said that the influx of all short-haul markets enhanced by more than 10 percent and 18.6 percent in November as well as the first 11 months of this year in that order.

The influx from China, Japan and South Korea to Hong Kong saw a huge rise in the figures too. As far as arrivals from India are concerned, a ravishing growth of 47.2 percent has been witnessed in the arrivals to Hong Kong.

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