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Decoding Canadian Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme for Business

Canada has, perhaps, the most unique and beneficial Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) duly introduced to cater to the specific needs of business professionals. It is, by and large, a business friendly country and has a growing and stable economy.

Significantly, the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ has been ranked fifth on the World Happiness report. Does one need to say more about the country? The adjective also says much about the highly developed nation.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- Young Farmer Nominee Program!

Manitoba’s PNP has provisions for almost all international skilled workers, including farmers. The program under the MPNP for young farmers facilitates farmers from overseas to explore Manitoba’s business-friendly atmosphere, thereby starting a far or purchasing one. This program lets the Canadian province to hire eligible people engaged in farm businesses from across the globe. The people nominated by the province must have the intention, as well as the capability to establish themselves and purchase a farm or invest into existing farm businesses in Manitoba.

The successful nominees of this program for young farmers find it easier to obtain the permanent residence status in Canada because they are provided with a certificate stating that they are nominated by the provincial program. This certificate helps in quicker processing of the applications for PR in Canada.

This category is specially designed to facilitate experienced young farmers from across the globe to establish farm businesses in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is mandatory of applicants that they visit the province for a minimum of seven days before filing their petitions for the category. To qualify under the program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • They must have a minimum personal wealth of 150,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • They must make a minimum equity investment of 150,000 Canadian Dollars in Manitoba;
  • They must have 3 years of experience, in least of owning farm(s) managing farm(s).
  • The age of the principle applicant must not exceed 40 years.

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Requirements for Farm Business Investments- MPNP Business Immigration!

In order to take up farm business in Manitoba, its provincial nominee program requires foreign skilled worker to make eligible business investments. Besides, there are farm business activities requirements that the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program expects international foreign workers who intend to invest in the province’s farm industry to meet. Let’s have a look at them.


  • The applicants must invest minimum of 150,000 Canadian Dollars from their personal wealth in Manitoba. The investment should be substantial in nature.
  • Applicants who are making investment into an existing Manitoba farm business, then they must have a stake of minimum 33.33 percent in the business. Else, they should make an equity investment of 1 million Canadian Dollars, in least.
  • Investments into properties like motor vehicles, which would be used for personal commuting are not considered as part of the business investment in Manitoba.
  • Investments into farm businesses whose primary purpose is to deliver passive investment income are not eligible for this category.

Business Activities

  • A farm business should be operating and doing regular business activities in the province of Manitoba.
  • Nominee applicants must be taking active participation in the ongoing management of the farm business, residing inside the province of Manitoba.
  • The farm business must be lawful and that should be practical as per the economic environment of Manitoba.
  • Nominee applicants must possess skills and other resources and skills required by the farm business.
  • Nominee applicants must conduct value-added services in the farm business in Manitoba. And completely abstract activities are not eligible for this program.

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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- International Student Stream!

International Student stream falls under the Priority Assessment Stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Under this category, international students can immigrate to Manitoba and apply for permanent residence status in Canada. Graduates from a Manitoba post-secondary educational institute who have a regular employment offer from a Manitoba employer, which is related to what they have studied are eligible to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Below are few of the requirements for the students:

  • The applicants applying under the category for overseas students must be the graduates from a Manitoba post-secondary program.
  • An open work permit for the post graduates in Manitoba has to be applied for with the Canadian High Commission.
  • Applicants are also required to continue working with an employer in Manitoba for six months at the least, at the time of filing the application.
  • They must have a permanent and regular job offer from their employers with whom they have been working for last six months or more.

As far as the post-graduate open work permit is concerned, prospective applicants of the International Students Stream of the MPNP can apply for the same with the CIC. A maximum of ninety days is given after the completion of their academic program to apply for this work permit. For your information, graduates in Canada from other Canadian provinces can also be eligible for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. However, international students who have obtained a post-secondary degree in any Canadian province cannot apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program under the International Student stream. They have the option to apply under the Employer Direct Stream. These students must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduates from any Canadian province, other than Manitoba must have been working with a local employer in Manitoba for a minimum period of six months with an open work permit.
  • They must have a Manitoba connection, maybe a family member who has been living in the province.

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Overview of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program!

As we all know the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is an effort by the Manitoba’s provincial government’s that allows international skilled workers to enter the province and settle there. In a way it helps local employers in Manitoba to hire the skills that they need to fill up job positions when they find the local Canadian workers lack the required skills.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program also makes it easier for foreign nationals to obtain the permanent residence status in Canada. This program allows individuals to settle themselves in Manitoba under a number of streams. There are streams for international students, family members and individuals who have already been working temporarily in Manitoba. Different streams, as a matter of fact, require applicants to meet different requirements.

In order to be eligible to apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, individuals must produce the proof of their lawful status in the nation where they are residing/living at the time of filing MPNP applications. Even if they are in Canada as visitors, students or temporary workers, they must produce their immigration status. Individuals who await a refugee claim hearing or if they have been refused such a claim are not eligible to apply for the program.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program also requires applicants to produce the evidence of their financial assets. In other words, all MPNP applicants must sufficient funds to support themselves in Canada. Usually, the MPNP allows an individual to apply who has a fund of minimum 10,000 dollars (Canadian dollar), and 2,000 dollars (Canadian dollar) for each dependant accompanying him/her to Manitoba.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- Business Immigration!

Businessmen/entrepreneurs who intend to set a business or have plan to invest in existing Manitoba business (es) are allowed by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to immigrate to Manitoba and thereby obtain the Canadian permanent residency. To eligible for business nominee under the MPNP, a business person must have visited Manitoba previously. He/she must have the intention to set up a business in the province before applying for the Business Immigration of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Below are a few requirements:

  • A business nominee applicant must have personal wealth of at least 350,000 dollars (Canadian dollar).
  • He/she must make equity investment of at least 150,000 dollars (Canadian dollar) in the province of Manitoba.
  • He/she must have at least three years of experience in doing business. Else, the applicant must have good amount of experience in working in the senior management of a reputed company.
  • The applicant must deposit 75,000 dollars (Canadian dollar) to the Manitoba Government, which guarantees the established of the proposed business in the province. The amount is refundable, which is returned once the applicant materializes the proposed business.
  • The nominee applicant must have visited Manitoba in order to gauge its business opportunities before applying for the MPNP.

Besides, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program requires the applicants to have the intention to take active part in the management and operation of the proposed business in Manitoba. For your information, when an applicant does not promise managing responsibilities in the proposed business, the later is considered a passive investment scheme, therefore, in such a case, the applicant is not considered eligible for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

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