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Australian Unions, Business Groups Join Hands & Oppose Immigration Reductions

In a fairly important development from the perspectives of the would-be migrants some business groups & Australia’s union movement have, reportedly, come on a common platform, to oppose any plans to cut-down the levels of immigration, supporting a “migration compact”, to continue permanent immigration at its present level of roughly 190,000 per annum. However, the […]

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Figuring Out How Merit Based Immigration System Works in US, Australia & Canada

Of late, the US Government under Donald Trump is reportedly focusing on the so-called “merit-based” immigration system against the immigration system the basis of which is family reunification. And this has resulted in both a great deal of hue and cry and widespread approval. But how exactly the “merit-based” immigration arrangement works in other parts […]

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Permanent Immigration–Are You Motivated?

Permanent Immigration Any person who dreams to live in abroad in a specific nation needs to obtain its Permanent Residency (PR). It’s his visa category that allows him entry to the nation and permanent immigration is on the basis of his details submitted to the concerned visa and immigration authorities. A person who has moved […]

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Are you interested in US Green Card?

It’s no secret that the US Green Card is a much sought after privilege even while there’s no dearth of those who leave no stones unturned to get hold of the same. The good news is that several easy-to-follow paths are available to gain the prized and much sought after card for those who are […]

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