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Eligibility Criteria for New Zealand Student Visa!

Incase, you are one of those who intend to study in New Zealand, you must first ensure that you are eligible for the student visa offered by the nation. These eligibility criteria cater to the requirements meant for Immigration purposes for the students who were born and brought up overseas. With this, the courses offered by the particular university of your choice should also meet the requirements for New Zealand immigration.

If you want a student visa or permit, there must be an offer of place from the education provider of New Zealand. Following conditions must be fulfilled in the off

  1. The offer letter must mention the information regarding the name of the course and also the minimum time required to complete the course.
  2. You must have the proof from the university that the course as well as the University meets those requirements meant for overseas students in New Zealand.
  3. You must prove to the authorities that you have all the necessary finances which would cater to the fees for the course opted. This also includes even if the timelines for the course undertaken is more than a year.
  4. The letter of offer must clearly mention that you have to pay course fees and also if you are paying the fees are New Zealand dollars or in other foreign currency.
  5. Your offer letter must also mention whether you are opting for a full-time or a part-time course.
  6. An approval is a must from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) regarding the course which you are planning to study. A due permit for the same is required.

Above all, it is of key importance that the documentation has been provided appropriately. This is because even a small mistake might lead to the rejection of the visa. It is but obvious that you would not want to lose out on such an opportunity due to a minor error. Thus, it is advised to seek professional help when it comes to such important matters like career and future aspirations.

Want to Study in New Zealand?? Consider Christchurch!!

Christchurch is on those cities in New Zealand that offers excellent opportunities to students. The best thing about this city is that it has an active lifestyle, apart from beautiful sights for delight. If you people out there contemplating to immigrate to New Zealand for study purposes, you can definitely consider Christchurch, for it has a number of renowned institutions.

Christchurch is the main city in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Christchurch University and Lincoln University are the two of the most famous educational facilities in the region that offer a wide range of courses and programs. Both these universities provide excellent atmosphere for international students. Christchurch University is located at the edge of the city. This university is one of the most advanced educational facilities in the whole country, with topnotch research amenities and a very friendly campus. You can find its considerable portion of students is from outside New Zealand.

Lincoln University is another famous destination for international students. The main attraction of this university is its relaxed setting and countryside lifestyle, apart from the quality of education. It hosts students from over 60 countries across the globe.

Christchurch is one of the most affordable places in New Zealand. International students take the advantage of this fact and flock to the city. Apart from offering educational facilities, the city provides a great deal of recreational activities, including skiing, hiking and climbing. Because of the fact that it offers scope for many forms of entertainment, such as shopping, dining and sight seeing, Christchurch makes a nice tourist place as well.

Little About Application Procedure to Study New Zealand!

When you intend to go and study in a foreign country, it is necessary to indulge in little research and keep up with the things that may come handy once you are landed in that country. Especially, when you are going to study in that country, you are bound to do your homework properly and that may include a lot of work.

Foremostly, if you have made your mind to study in New Zealand, be little proactive! To start with, you must start the application procedure a few months, say eight to twelve months before the set date of admission. You can get the application for the university or institution that you are contemplating to join by requesting an application form the University websites. Since, today most education institutions have their online presence, you will not find it difficult to get an application form over the Internet.

One of the most important things you should ensure when applying for any course and institute/university is that the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) accredits the both. You can perform assessment of you qualifications by three different ways, namely Pre-assessment Results (PAR); International Qualification Result (IQA); and Overseas Study Assessment (OSA). The NZQA lets you enter your qualifications and determine if they are listed on its database or not.

The academic calendar for majority of institutions in New Zealand begins in February, which ends in the month of November. If you are all set to apply for any institution in New Zealand, start contacting an Immigration and Visa Consultant for the immigration part!

Reasons To Study in New Zealand!

New Zealand appeals to a wide range of visitors- be it tourists, entrepreneurs or students. A lot has been told and written about the beauty of this country, so now let us focus one of the most important aspects of our lives, that is Education. New Zealand is one of those countries, which is known for offering world-class education in a number of fields. So, if you are contemplating to immigrate for your studies, you have all the reasons to consider the Kiwi land as your destination! Here is why you should study in New Zealand:

  • There are a lot of things in New Zealand to explore, including its academic options and educational opportunities. Courses are available for college-level students to vocational students to professionals. Apart from academic courses, these universities focus on recreational activities and personal development. Moreover, studying in New Zealand makes a great way to explore the country!
  • The country is known to have a favorable environment for local as well as international students. In fact, New Zealand is increasingly becoming more popular as compared to other famous study destinations like the US, the UK and Australia. New Zealand welcomes thousands of foreign aspirants each year from all over the world with open arms. The country has overseas students mostly from the UK, the US, Australia, India, South-East Asia, Japan, and North Asia.
  • That New Zealand has advanced and world-class facilities pertaining to education, students are catered with the kind of education that helps them cope with the global environment.

New Zealand has increasingly been preferred as a study destination by international students over the recent years. Since, it is technically advanced and offers topnotch educational facilities; it makes sense for you to consider the country as one of your study destinations, alongside the US, Australia and the UK.

New Zealand Immigration’s Changes To Student Visa Policy!

Of late, the New Zealand Immigration made changes to the Student Visa policy in order to ensure that international students intending to change or actually changing course of study or education provider for valid reasons and they adhere to the policy’s requirements. Students are required to exhibit that they will meet all the student policy requirements. In addition, they should not violate any of the visa conditions and they must be genuine applicants. The changes came into force on November 30, 2009.

Students who are going to apply for a further New Zealand Visa in order to continue studies in New Zealand are also be bound by the new student policy requirements.

As per the new requirements, the students should not back out or discontinue attending the education provider. They are not allowed to change a course without the approval of New Zealand Immigration. However, applicants who have submitted their applications prior November 30 do not need to meet the new student policy requirements.

There were also changes made to the requirements for students to live with legal guardian:

Changes were made to the definition of legal guardian. In addition, international students are given the permission to temporarily exempt from the requirement to live with their legal guardian, in certain cases, say emergencies when the legal guardian is required to leave for his/her home country.

The new definition of Legal Guardian

The original definition of Legal Guardian requires the person to be the one who ‘usually provides for the care of the student in the latter’s home country. The latest amendment made removes the word ‘usually’ from the definition.