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Extent of the use of Abuse!

We live in a democratic society where the freedom of speech is literally our birth right. In today’s world where our day is not complete without abusing someone, the question is to what extent the usage of such a language is permitted? In a city like Delhi, it is more or less a ritual to use abuses while having a friendly banter. When it comes to an informal conversation between two friends, the use of such a language can be considered as an understanding or the rapport between the individuals.

Extent of the use of Abuse!

However, to what extent these so-called “gaalis” are accepted? Deviating away from an interpersonal conversation, let’s come to the latest fetish which is the new media, commonly known as the “Internet”. I am sure you all agree that we can almost find anything and everything through this medium. This also includes our set of “colloquial gaalis” along with their definitions, meanings and examples of their usage!

It is even common to find such vernacular terms while commenting on various blogs and forum. More commonly in the social networking sites! This reminds me of an instance where one of my colleagues was subject to a lawsuit just because some visitor used the “not so nice” language against some eminent personality. Since, it is difficult to track the actual commenter who is an anonymous person; my poor colleague had to bear the brunt of it because he owned the particular website. For no fault of his, he was sued which led him to literally empty his pockets.

When looked at the above two instances, it clearly questions the way towards which our society is moving. There were times where sophistication and manners meant the most. Times seem to have changed literally.

Another instance is in the form of road rage with two motorists abusing away to glory and so on. Delhi definitely tops the list when it comes to such rampant. Considering the use of abuse in other instances, it clearly reflects a form of aggression which is being fuelled by other reasons. This is accompanied by making rude gestures to the opposite drivers.

Whatever be the backdrop for triggering such behavior and language, the question is – are we so uncivilized that we have forgotten how to conduct ourselves? When it comes to certain instances, the law is definitely to be blamed which is not being implemented effectively, incomplete construction congesting the road, thus blocking away the traffic and other mental pressures. However, isn’t it up to us to behave?”

Obama in India: What to Expect?

US President Barack Obama has finally touched the holy grounds of India. In Mumbai on the auspicious eve of Diwali, this is definitely not the perfect timing for the residents of Mumbai. Thanks to the security issues, most of the Mumbaikers had no other option but to be under self-imposed house-arrest.

Obama in India: What to Expect?

It has been said that there are about 43,000 officials from the local police are out on the streets. But it seems that all they are doing are standing idly on the roads leading the traffic to come down to a snail pace.

The above has not been the first when a US President has come to India which has led to major initiatives in the security. The recent has been the Commonwealth Games which India had hosted. It would not be wrong to say that Indians are more or less used to it now. After all, the Indian Standard Time has to be followed at all costs!

Agreed that the security aspects cannot be compromised upon, especially when the world leaders tend to meet or visit in a particular nation. Residing at the Taj Mahal Hotel, bursting fire crackers around that region was completely banned during this festival of lights. The homemade and the Chinese imported crackers which are popular in the festive occasion have been banned. More so, the historic Marine Drive and the Gateway of India are not permitted to be used as venues for fireworks.

Being a Delhite, I am glad that Obama walks into the state after Diwali is over. But then, security would be the topmost priority. Keeping the issue of security aside, and if looked into this visit, it is actually quite crucial.

On one hand, the government of India does its best to ensure that no compromises are being made. However, when it comes to Indians going to the US are met with what can be considered as not their best behavior. With Indian professionals being subject to scrutiny at the airports in the US and being accused of forgery and undocumented, there are many issues which need to be discussed during this meet.

Also, the hike in the visa fee for Indian based IT firms is another issue which needs to be addressed. It has to be remembered that the growth of the US economy is partly impacted by these Indian firms who have established businesses in America. Catering to national security by financing it through increased visa fee is definitely not the answer to a problem.

The above would garner animosity between both the nations. This is because Indians are employed by many US based firms as well. So, such a fee should also be applicable for the US based employers too.

Above all, this visit is expected to bring about some major changes in the relations between the two nations and some Indian memories for the Obamas.

If tardiness runs in your blood…

Again you find yourself running to make it on time. You’re already late… Too late. Your date is angry, threatening to leave right away or probably left… Wish you could do something to make up for this, or wish you could time travel and start off lil’ bit early…

If tardiness runs in your blood

Indians usually take it for granted, the time lapses. However not every where or every one may appreciate this habit of yours. Countries like North America, Germany, Japan and also Switzerland attach a lot of importance to punctuality. Even if you’re a core professional, the inability to respect your time and others, may not just earn you sarcasm but also cost you your job.

You religiously follow ISD i.e. the Indian stretchable time. Mmm not a good idea.
If this forever behind ness is the usual thing for you, be it in on personal front or professional you may be suffering from what is called “chronic tardiness”.

We usually never realize this; however, the best way to find out would be carrying out “aim tardy or/not scan” on yourself. If you’ve always made it off time(even your exams), you have a brigade of excuses ready each time, like “hey it was the traffic”, “I slept late” , “I had relatives come over”, “there was no water” blah blah..professionally your already nicknamed “nevamadeit willnevamakeit”. If sandals and swears are always hurled at you on your entry. You surely are the perfect recipe for the “one”.

The reason for this behavior can be manifold, it may be lack of discipline i.e. inability to prioritize things what we like to do and what we should do. Or you may you just like the frenzied state when your late…don’t be surprised, being late gets you anxious, that gives you adrenaline rush to “kick” start the day. Or it may be your inability to focus (attention deficit disorder).

Whatever the reason may be, a stitch on time should save nine. You could just analyze the time you take in going through your usual chores, talk to your family and friends, and try getting more organized. Help is always there, as long as you want to help yourself. If this change becomes a life style, you will not only be more productive, but you will be taken seriously to begin with…

I say don’t let the time rule you, rule the times. If immigration is on your cards in future, count on Abhinav for the timely help.

Browser Wars!

Once upon a time, the Internet Explorer was our only doors to the world of Internet. We used to wait patiently for each web page to open slowly and steadily. There was no concept of one window with many tabs. The concept of tabs was unknown but here we are today witnessing a war of browsers. This transition has come about in a matter of a few years.

Browser Wars!

Today, we have a wide range of options to select ranging from Opera to Firefox to the recently introduced Chrome. And so, the competition has begun! In the process, the Internet Explorer seems to be nowhere in the picture despite the introduction of its revised editions. Seems netizens are bored of this age old browser.

As the war continues among the browsers, Chrome which was launched by Google in mid-2008 seems to have overtaken all other browsers. Those deeply impacted definitely includes the Internet Explorer which seems to have been completely wiped out compared to whatever declining popularity it had. But then, even Mozilla Firefox seems to have not been left behind.

Today, the number of users catering to the Internet Explorer worldwide is less than fifty percent compared to when it was eighty-eight percent in 2003. This makes it even more important for Microsoft to ensure that it’s the latest version – Internet Explorer 9 brings the browser to its original standing.

On the other hand, Firefox was once the second most popular web browser. Until May, last year, it had a thirty percent market share. With the launch of Chrome, things seem to have changed! It is more like being at war where in each of these browsers have to protect their niche and before their users opt for other browsers.

For all us users, these browsers are free to download. So, not many of us realize that the business of web browsers is huge. Recently, Mozilla had released information that in 2008, the company had made revenues worth $79 million in the form of advertisements which pop up while a user is on Google, eBay or even Yahoo search box or when a Google toolbar is download.

Now, Google as always is ingenious when it comes to innovation. So, with Google paying so much in the form of referrals, would it not be better to have a browser of its own where in there is no additional investment? And so, Chrome comes into picture!
Now, the long-term advertising deal that Mozilla had with Google would end in 2011. No wonder, it has to seek new partners to keep its business running. And recently, it has been announced by Microsoft that Firefox 4 would have Bing in its search option.

At the same time, mobile web development is another niche area which has steadily started generating more traffic. This would become prominent in the coming years. As of now, the traffic through this medium has increased by 0.6% which was recorded in 2009 and now has further risen to 3.5%. However, in United States and Britain, this record has reached to almost 5%.

So, it would not be wrong to say the war is constantly raging with new mediums of accessing the web is coming into picture. So, time would tell whether it would be Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or any new browser which would win the users throughout the world.

Relevance of a Page Title in a Website!

We all know how important a website for the business of any organization. But many don’t know there is a title for each web page of a website. For those who don’t know, the title of a web page is written on the title bar on the top of the page. If one has an effective page title, it can do loads to boost the SEO part. So, effective optimization of a page title can generate more traffic which in turn would boom your business.

Relevance of a Page Title in a Website!

It is obvious that for any e-commerce business, traffic from the search engines is very important. So, by improving the title tag of a webpage, desired results could be achieved. So, here is how you can bring about changes in your page title which would further aid in the effective optimization:

Crispness: It is important to be specific and to the point. Each page of a web site has a unique objective. So, the title also has to be different and unique. It is important to target a specific keyword by each page. The page title should be prepared keeping this mind. The title should clearly project the purpose of the web page for which it is being devised. At the same time, care has to be taken whether or not the given title would be searched by the visitors. With this, crispness is important since one does not have more than 65 to 70 characters to make up the title.

Attractive Title: The title has to be attractive for the visitors to click on the page. The title of the links is the first thing that is noticed in the SERP while searching for something. So, in order to get more visitors via search engines it is important to have titles which are compelling for the web page to be viewed.

Avoid Mistakes: Common errors are something which is usually committed by everyone. In this case, it is catering to same titles for all the web pages or selecting a company name as the title of the page. Both the instances should be completely avoided since the purpose of each page is different. So, it is important to have different titles along with a unique set of keywords. It has been noticed that the long tail keywords are more successful.

The above are the most important points which can greatly improve in the traffic generation of a particular website. So, start implementing these changes and see the difference.

Visitors to Customers: The Online Transition!

For each and every commercial business, a website is an important tool for generating business. In order to generate more business and get adequate returns, it is important to have optimum traffic at all times. But getting enough and more traffic is not the end of the story.

Getting visitors to come and visit a website is one aspect while getting business and customers is a completely different task altogether. It is commonly said that visitors mean business it cannot always be interpreted as the same all the time. Converting a visitor to a customer is the biggest challenge and task. This is where the success of the business lies. So, how to go about this conversion and increase the rate? Here are a few tips as starters:

  • Effective Designing: A visitor would only become a customer if he is appealed by the website of the product or service. While designing, it has to be ensured that a separate icon for “Ask for a Quote” has to be made prominent for the visitor to click. This has to be taken care especially for the home page which is the first page that the visitor lands on. At the same time, the issue might also be that most of the visitors land at an internal page of the site. Here, they are not able to find any specific option for contacting a service. No need to specify that the visitor would navigate away in no time or close the page. So, apart from an attractive site, make sure that each and every page has an option for either “Contact Us” or “Ask for a Quote”. More so, these options should be visible very clearly to the visitors.
  • Incentives Always Work: Incentives do not necessarily have to mean price discounts or cash benefits. Instead, free goodies can sometimes better trigger the audience to try out the product or service. These goodies can be in the form of free music or movie CDs, free e-books, software and so on. The incentives could be given to the users who sign up at the website. This would definitely increase the rate of visitors signing in the beginning. Discounts could then be worked out at a later when the customer would actually want to buy the service or the product. This could be in the form of package with a specific time-limit imposed on it.
  • More Options to Consider: A business website is to convince a visitor to become a customer. The conversion in the minds of the visitor could be brought about if there are enough options which are flexible for the visitor to consider. For instance, a service could be offered with different timelines such as 3, 6 or 8 months. This way, it would cater to both short – term as well as long-term customers. However, the ultimate aim is to develop long term customers which could be brought about by making a start with good services. Remember that loyalty develops with satisfaction over a period of time.
  • Option for Free Trial Services: Offering a trial service is another option where in the visitor gets to know what the business is all about and how it operates. This is highly beneficial for those sites which sell web hosting, software etc. However, one has to be careful as there are quite a few who can misuse this service.
  • Services Post Sale: This might seem the last but is also the most important aspect of increasing the conversion rate. Most businesses might think that once the sale is done with the payment accepted, it is over. However, customers are assets…once lost cannot be brought back again! This way the competitor would have an advantage. Not to forget, a happy and a satisfied customer brings in ten more customers and is the best form of publicity for any business. So, it is important to take care of customers.

Above all, it is the customer who makes or breaks a business. Thus, for any visitor to click on the precious option of “Buy This Product”, simple yet many aspects need to be looked into. It is not the major issues but smaller ones which drives away a customer. So, make a start with these aspects and see the difference!

In The Name of CWG!

This morning while I was driving to work, I realized what could be expected in the coming days with the CWG on its way. With trials being conducted by the authorities along with the police, it seemed as if for once the city has come in order with some discipline. But it did not take a very long time to break away all my misconceptions. What usually is a forty minutes drive took about two hours. With the police around managing traffic, it would not be wrong in saying that most of the commuters feel that their drive in the morning would be easy and comfortable.

But sometimes living in India can be quite unfortunate…not that I am exaggerating but if looked at the whole issue the other way round, the common man seems to be suffer more than anybody in the entire gamut of preparations as well as the so-called trial sessions.

Before I realized, the roads were a mess with chaos everywhere and the traffic moving at snail pace. With separate lanes restricted and the trials being conducted, no prizes for guessing that the traffic was being monitored throughout. So, instead of our expectations of it being a smooth ride, one realizes that even a shortage of one lane could lead to a mess.

With the police guards standing every 100 meters and protecting the CWG lane, the job was even tougher for them. With some stubborn bikers around, guarding the particular lane is definitely not easy, especially when the bikers come riding on them. At the same time, amidst all the chaos while people get late to reach work, does the common man really care about the so-called preparations or the trial runs? All they care is about their livelihood and to make it to work on time so that their wages are not deducted for late coming.

It has also been informed by the authorities that those who break the law and drive into these specific lanes would be charged a fine of Rs. 2000. But as to what I saw this morning, this seemed far from it. With drivers simply rushing, it is but obvious that no guards are spared to stop each and every vehicle and charge fines.

Above all, Common Wealth Games or not, the picture clearly demonstrates the rise in the level of population in the country. If looked at the positive aspect, we as a nation are not short of manpower. However, we lack the skills to efficiently use our manpower which could bring about a wide range of difference. Population in India can be an asset if it is mobilized the right way. These preparations could have come about in a much better way if resources were used more appropriately. This is especially in reference to our human resources. We would have to wait and watch to see what happens. More so, learn our lessons in the process!

Monsoon: Boon or Bane?

Heavens are pouring…some are definitely enjoying the downpours while others find themselves in a messy state of affairs. With the lords above pouring all their blessings especially during the time of the CWG preparations, it is havoc time!

But it does not end here…rains lead to dire consequences in the form of floods especially when the site for the games is near the Yamuna River. With the level of the river rising, it is panic time. After all, it is not only Delhi but the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana which are affected by this calamity. No doubt, too much of water is also a curse.

Recently, Hathnikund Barrage has been in much debate with some people claiming that this day would be host to floods in Delhi. As a Delhite, the first thought that comes to my mind is what difference does it make? It would simply mean more water in the already pot-holed roads which make driving the toughest job in this city. But driving would only come about if the traffic is permitted to move. In this city, one downpour is more than enough to bring about water logging, damaging roads further leading to jams for hours together.

Coming back to the issue, the Hathnikund Barrage in Chandigarh seems to be full of water which the state can neither hold nor let go. With the constant showers in place, increased volumes of water have been reaching the areas of catching in Himachal Pradesh ending in the Yamuna.

The Hathnikund Barrage is located at the northern most border of Haryana adjacent to Himachal Pradesh on river Yamuna. However, there is a difference between a barrage and a dam. And Hathnikund is definitely not a dam! As a barrage, all that the reservoir could do is let the water flow through. In the process, it only has the ability to measure the amount of water.

At the same time, the canals in Haryana having only a capacity of 16500 cusecs to hold water beyond which the water is allowed to pass through the river. With the constant rains leading to an increase in the level of Yamuna, this is definitely a concern for the states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh from where the river flows. But before that, the nearby villages situated on the banks of Yamuna would be at risk of being devastated.

Keeping that aside, now that the water would be allowed to pass through the barrage which would reach Delhi in the next 72 hours, the big question is what relevant measures are being taken by the Delhi Government to ensure that this flood does not create a havoc in the already messed up city?

All said and done, if floods hit Delhi with no prior action in place, all the so-called efforts that have been done would simply turn out to be worthless. The city would be back to its initial position. And then the tedious task for repair would also start with more investments. In the end, no outcome and the efforts of those involved would be completely fruitless! So, is this mismanagement or the city is destined to be like this forever?

Guest Blogging vs. Article Marketing!

Guest blogging is one of the many beneficial concepts when it comes to making a website popular. With more and more people adhering to this tool, many internet marketers are debating as to whether article marketing is better or guest blogging.

On the other hand, article marketing has existed since the times of the introduction of the mass media. However, it might not be the same as we know it today. But the concept continues to be same though the format has changed. In layman’s language, article marketing includes blogging and submitting press releases and so on.

In order to understand the most preferable option in times of today, here’s a look at the various benefits of guest blogging. It is supposed to be consequential when it comes to increasing traffic, getting more links for pages which are commonly assured of a PageRank in the future. For any site, the above two aspects are the most important for the success of the site. And so, guest blogging comes into picture!

  • A guest blog post tends to remain on the homepage for a longer duration of time. This is especially true except when the site caters to many articles in a day. Blog posts on such sites tend to remain on the home page for a minimum of two days. For those sites where in posts are done only a day, they tend to remain for about a week. However, when it comes to article submission on article directories, they would make it to the first page only when they are featured. Or when the latest articles are posted on the site homepage. But with a bulk of articles, chances are comparatively minimal.
  • Each blog has its own base of subscribers. This means that the subscribers would get an email alert for every post on the blog or would be sent to their RSS reader. There are a few subscribers who tend to keep a track of blogs through social networks such Facebook, Twitter, Stumble share etc. On the other hand, not all article directories tend to provide RSS feeds. More so, there are only few who follow the RSS feeds here.
  • It is the promotion which tends to differentiate between an article and a guest blog post. When a guest post is displayed on a site, it is in the blogger’s interest to promote to drive the traffic to his site. In most of the cases, a guest blogger would be promoting his blog on all the available networks. Provided the content is good, it would lead to more amount of social sharing. On the contrary, article directories do not promote articles except for their featured articles. And so, even the writers do not promote the same.
  • The guidelines pertaining to a guest blogs are much more rigorous than the ones in the article directories. The standards are higher when it comes to guest blogging. This means more content, useful links, photographs and so on. When compared there are less number of articles under guest blogging. So, the owner of the blog would spend time in evaluating each of his submissions and it is on his discretion where or not to post a particular blog. This is not the same with article submission sites as they do not permit photographs, long content and so on.
  • Guest blogging creates more opportunities for networking. Incase the content is good and if the blog does well, the blog owner would form an impression about you. And so, it sure is an opportunity to get featured!

Above all, Internet as a medium keeps evolving every moment. And so, what works now might not work a few hours later. This is because innovative concepts tend to come about all the time. Since guest blogging is the in-thing, better grab on before its outdated!

Obama Administration Takes Arizona Immigration Law to Court!

Reports say that the Obama administration is all set to take the issue of Arizona’s immigration law to the court. The administration hopes, the court would determine whether the controversial law pose threat to the nation’s federal immigration enforcement authority, as well as immigration policies or not.

For the uninformed, Arizona had recently passed a very cruel immigration law which prevent the migration of illegal immigrants, specially the Hispanics. However, the legislation also aims at putting a curb on traffic in illegal drugs. The controversial issues attached to the Republican state’s law created conflict between the state and the federal governments. Now, the latter is slated to challenge the state authority in front of District Judge, Susan Bolton, just before the Arizona’s immigration law is all set to take its effect on August 29.

Reportedly, the US federal Justice Department filed the case against the Arizona legislation, claiming that it may infringe the constitution and foreign policy of the United States. Since the federal authorities do not want the Arizona immigration law to deliver a negative message, thereby creating a bad image for the nation as a whole. Immigration has been an issue in the US of late, however, the federal authorities are not denying that immigrants play a very important role in building the US community. These people are an integral part of the nation and they take active part in generating revenues in the US economy.

There are various groups that have already raised their voices against the Arizona immigration law. Now, it is time for the federal authorities to take the action. It would be interesting to know the court’s decision on this regard!