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US or Canada: Which Overseas Hotspot Is Better For Migration?

Want to move to the US or is it its immediate northern neighbor, Canada, which is on your radar? Perhaps, you are somewhat confused and have not made up your mind yet, right? Maybe, you are wondering which of these economic powerhouses and highly international global economies would be best for migration and settling. Well, […]

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Diversity Visa Lottery Programme Becomes Tougher, Thanks to Trump

Donald Trump continues to bare his fangs and exhibit his anti-migrant polices, or so it seems. Take his stand on the United States Diversity Visa lottery Programme, for instance! Recently, millions of people who submitted an application for it may presently check the results online, to find out in case they’ve emerged victorious. Just a […]

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How valid are restrictions being put on hiring of Indian Skilled Manpower by USA & rest of the developed world?

Allegedly, the world is becoming more and more intolerant of the professionals from India, especially the ones who are tech professionals, and who wish to do a job overseas, or so it seems. Recently, the US has made the procedure to give the H1-B Visas more difficult. Offered to the extremely skilled experts to do […]

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Figuring Out How Merit Based Immigration System Works in US, Australia & Canada

Of late, the US Government under Donald Trump is reportedly focusing on the so-called “merit-based” immigration system against the immigration system the basis of which is family reunification. And this has resulted in both a great deal of hue and cry and widespread approval. But how exactly the “merit-based” immigration arrangement works in other parts […]

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