The Destination to Immigrate – US or Canada!

US and Canada – both countries are the major developed nations in the world. Also, they are amongst the largest countries in terms of area. Be it US or Canada, you can expect the best of everything in terms of infrastructure and other living conditions. You would find something or the other in each which makes it hard for an immigrant to decide. So, this article is for those finding it hard to decide on which country to opt for.

Both the countries being developed and technologically advanced, few aspects could be taken for granted. US is host to some of the world cities offering plush and brilliant amenities. These include New York, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago and so on. Living in the richest and the most powerful nation of the world has its own advantages. However, it is not very hard to get used to the culture and settle down in the United States. But then, some of its world class cities and states are highly expensive providing quality in return. The common language to communicate is English which today, is considered to be a global language.

On the other hand, Canada is still host to the traditional colonial way of living. With the essence of England still in intact, followed by French, it is the matter of languages that matter. Each and every province in Canada offers something totally different unlike the United States. As a country, Canada offers oodles of options for an immigrant. Though the country endeavours world class facilities, it also offers the cheapest cost of living when compared to the other countries, especially the United States. However, language is an issue the immigrant has to deal with. Thus, he has to ensure that he knows the local language to interact and communicate with people.

Both, US and Canada welcome the immigrants with open arms. The job opportunities are equally appealing. There are no specific conditions to be followed for each and every state in the US when compared to that of Canada. The American immigration policies include usually the Family Sponsorship programs for the immigrants and the only option is that of conversion of the work permit in to a Green Card. This process takes almost 5 – 8 years. An applicant wanting to immigrate to Canada has to apply under a specific program offered by the provincial government. Also, an applicant applying for Canada immigration has to clear under a Point Based System. A qualified applicant can become a Permanent resident of Canada within 2 – 3 years.

US, being a better economy offers better income opportunities when it comes to job opportunities. This leads many Canadians immigrate to the United States. However, Canada offers a slower pace of life. In both the cases, International Trade and Professional qualifications have to be approved and licensed again.

So think and decide! Contact an authorized and an experienced immigration consultant to help you take a decision.

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