UK Immigration to Level 80’s Migration Figure!

UK Prime Minister promises to cut immigration level of UK to 1980 figure. As per government measures and to secure job opportunities to UK citizens, David Cameron has announced to dip current immigration figure of the country to the level of early 80’s.

David Cameron further added that but the gates will be wide open for the best and brightest talents of the world. He insisted that the government has effectual and comprehensive strategy to drag immigration figure to early years of 1980.

UK government has already imposed permanent or stringent caps on non-EU migrants in an attempt to level the migration limit from around 200,000 to 100,000. The proposed plan is designed as splitting annual immigration quota into monthly allocations. 4,200 is the immigration quota allocated for the month of April followed by 1,500 immigrants every month later on.

There are many escaping fissures such as Non-European skilled labors earning above £150,000 annually will be exempted from the proposed immigration cap. Significant advantage has been provided to Scientists migrating to UK.

Prime Minister said that the government immigration policy is to draw the nation’s image as the best place for global talents rather than being a massively attractive place for visa candidates whose core ethic is just a passage to United Kingdom. Further added, that’s why the government is cleaning-up the present abuses of the governance system.

UK is set to curb bogus colleges who are acting as a cover for fake visas providing sham qualifications. All these measures are clear-headed for eradicating illegal immigration providing better impacts on communities, society and public services.

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