UK Permanent Resident Visa

The UK Permanent Resident visa option is the Indefinite Leave to Remain (popularly known as the permanent UK residency). This visa could be obtained by only those who have applied for a visa in other settlement categories.


There are many perks involved with this visa under your kitty. The foremost of it is being the indefinite time period to remain in United Kingdom. On the other hand, any other visa such as that of a work permit would be granted for a specific period of time, provided the applicant has an offer of employment in the UK. Also, in ILR there are no bounds regarding immigration or the form of employment, housing, business and so on. Also, the ILR visa holder is eligible to apply for Immigrate to UK and UK citizenship as well provided they comply with the necessary requirements.

However, the residents under the UK Permanent Resident visa should not be outside UK for more than 2 years. This means that the visa holder should consider the UK as his home. Otherwise, his visa is bound to be canceled.

UK Permanent Resident Visa

Basic Requirements

In order to apply for a UK permanent resident Visa, it is compulsory for an applicant to be a settled resident in the UK (for a minimum of 4 years). This does not apply for the student visa. However, for those on marriage or the De Facto visas are exempted from this 4 year period. Instead, they have to fulfill the criteria of a minimum of 2 years of stay.

Some of the categories for the eligibility for UK permanent Resident Visa include the following:

  • If the applicant has been residing in the UK under the Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP) or a Work Permit.
  • If you are an EU National living in the UK for more than 5 years.
  • If you have been a legal resident for 10 years or a resident for 14 years (a combination of legal and illegal residence).
  • If you are married to a permanent resident in the UK.

Also, an applicant has to prove his competency in English and his acquaintance with the British life. With this, he also has to provide the other relevant documents such as a passport and so on.

It is best to contact an immigration and visa expert for more information on this as he would be the only person updated with all the latest in the immigration sector.

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