Important Aspects for the US Study Visa

Eyeing US as your study destination? You have made the right choice with the country offering plenty of diversities and options for US Study Visa. The country welcomes thousands of international students every year on US Study Visa. When compared to other countries, the USP of studying in the United States is the individual development being paid a lot of attention to. Also, the classes are always held in small groups giving students the required opportunities to express themselves. The faculty – student relationship is very informal making it easy for any student to give his best.

US Study Visa

With these are the thrills of the adventure, lots of traveling, arts and crafts and so on. This brings in a lot of academic freedom boosting the confidence of an individual. You would get a chance to interact with many students from other ethnicities and nationalities.

The point to be noted here is that the universities in the US spend about $20,000 per year on a single student when compared to $7,225 by Britain, $11,572 in Australia and so on.

If you want to study in the United States, you have to qualify for a US Study Visa known as F-1 Student Visa. The eligibility requirements include the following:

  • The university/institution should be recognized by the Government of the United States.
  • Your course should be a full – time one.
  • You should prove that you would be able to support yourself and for that you have enough finances.
  • You must show every possible intention to return to your home country after finishing your course.

The guidelines for US Study Visa are not restricted with those mentioned above. There are several other formalities that need to be fulfilled. These include having a valid passport, submission of the application form DS – 156 and so on.

For further information, it is best to contact an US study visa consultant. He would be updated with all the latest guidelines to be followed to ensure a smooth processing. Thus, delays would be least expected!

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