Visa free Access of Taiwan to EU Helpful

Reports suggest that the President of Taiwan has said that since the nation received visa-free access to the European Union (EU), during the month of January 2011, the relations between the two have improved even while this development is likely to inspire increased Taiwanese investment in the continent.

Since the East Asian nation received entry to the visa-waiver program of the biggest economy of the globe, i.e., EU, there has been an increase of as much as 60% in the number of the visitors from Taiwan to the Union. The president continued that bilateral relations have improved even while the people of Taiwan are now permitted to travel, minus any restrictions, across Europe, not only for investment and trade purposes but also for educational and cultural purposes.

Courtesy the visa waiver program, visitors from Taiwan may enter 35 nations of Europe for a maximum of three months, inside a six-month period, even though they may not have to produce a visa for the purpose.

Meanwhile, talking about the development, a concerned person was quoted as saying that, thanks to the development, a growing number of people from Taiwan are ready to travel to Europe. And, hence they are showing a keen interest in having an improved knowledge of the destination.

Culture, lifestyle and language differences, besides geographical distance are some of the key reasons why some firms from Taiwan have made investments in the continent. He continued that as the nationals of Taiwan get to know more about Europe, they will become more enthusiastic to do business and make investments in the region.

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