Work as an Electrical Engineer in Australia!

The profession of an Electrical Engineer is highly in demand in Australia. No to mention, that it is listed in the MODL and includes various responsibilities like designing, developing and handling tasks such as installation, machines, and utilization and installation of electric power equipments. Here is a list of other tasks:

  • Providing assistance with the arrangement of electric circuits, and other equipments like transformers and transmission lines.
  • Work with various development products like electric motors and appliances, to name a few.
  • Interpret drawings and specifications linked with electric power equipment and ensure that apt standards are maintained.
  • Ensuring that the work is performed and delivered on scheduled time.
  • Have the responsibility of organizing and maintaining the resources that are utilized in the tasks.
  • Supervising various operations linked with electric power equipments, transmissions, telemetry, to name a few.
  • The applicant may specialize in a major subject like Transformers, Transmission systems, amongst others.
  • Electrical Design Engineer is one of the most preferred specializations under this occupation.

Basic Requirements

In order to work in Australia, the applicant is required to fulfill certain mandatory conditions that are as follows:

  • A Bachelor Degree (BSc/BE Engineering) or a higher qualification, which ever is applicable for the opted specialization.
  • In some cases, the applicant is required to show relevant experience (1 Year) in addition to the necessary qualification.
  • An IELTS Band of 6.0 Each
  • Registration or licensing is essential.
  • You are required to get a positive skill assessment from ‘Engineers Authority” to get recognition for your eligibility for the concerned profession. In order to qualify for the same, the candidate must have the required degree and meet the English requirements set by the same.

After getting a positive response from “Engineers Authority,” you are advised to take guidance from an experienced Immigration and Visa specialist for a smooth application process.

5 thoughts on “Work as an Electrical Engineer in Australia!

  1. I am doing a Foundation Degree in Electrical Engineering at the moment,as well as having 3 years experience as a maintenance Engineer,would this be enough to qualify me to get work in Oz? (on completion of my course)

  2. i am an electrical engineer and i want to go australlia for Master of engineering.Will i get a job after completing my masters in australlia?

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