‘Catastrophe in Haiti’ and the ‘Damage Control’

The recent calamity in Haiti has not only created chaos but a sort of confusion as to what will happen to the residents and other migrants who were residing in the country after the same was demolished in ruins.

The main concern is to implement rescue efforts and maintain life-establishing measures in order build the wall brick by brick again! It would surely take ages to liven a devastated country again, but every drop plays a vital role in fulfilling the ocean.

In a recent attempt, the US government on Friday gave “Temporary Asylum” to Haitians who were already staying in the US before their country of origin turned into a sight of crushed buildings.

Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, confirmed that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) would be given to the Haitians that would allow them to stay in the US for a span of one year and six months and have the freedom to work and get driving license legally.

Till now, more than 1,40,000 people have been speculated to die in the calamity with hundred thousand still under the debris.

Also, the United States, recently, got the control of the main airport at Haiti in order to speed up the “healing process” and aid flights from all over the globe, confirmed the Obama administration. US is providing every possible hand to the victims and creating a perfect example of humanity to the entire world! Canada is also not left behind. More than 150 Canadian troops have already commenced their rescue operation in Haiti in order to boost the relief work.

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