“Health Care Worker” Shortage in Canada – What’s the Answer?

Figures are pointing out to a situation that Canada is facing a serious shortage of health care workers – especially registered nurse in the recent years!

But what’s the solution to this? Experts say that it would be wise to expand the nursing duties into those dimensions that are rigorously reserved for physicians only. There are speculations that in an attempt to implement the step, the Canadian government is planning to revamp the system and take some serious steps against the stringent regulations meant for physicians including doctors and nurses.

Certain nursing programs are even licensing nurses in various facets like prescription issuing, patient diagnostics, amongst others. According to Jeanne Besner, it has become extremely essential to fully utilize the knowledge and skills of the health care workers. Jeanne is the director of Health Systems and Workforce Research Unit with Alberta Health Services.

As a result of broadening the dimension of a nursing profession, people will look at this occupation with an altogether different perspective. Additionally, officials are finding other ways to overcome this problem of health care shortage and are suggesting various solutions like international recruitment and so on.

So, if anyone in the world thinks that nurses and health care workers are finding it hard to find a job, consider Canada as your desired immigration country and see how the country accepts you with open arms!

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