“NRIs Would Get Voting Rights” Stated Indian Prime Minister!

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a recent annual gathering stated that NRIs would get rights to vote in the next general elections. Singh said that he understands the desire of Indians who reside out of the country and feels that if these people are coming home for the purpose of business and academia and then why should the facet of politics be left behind?

The law Ministry is in the process of making amendments in defining a proper definition of “Indian Citizen” and is concentrating on the rights governed by the overseas Indians also. Singh elaborated that the Indian government is seeking an active participation of the Indians who live out of the country which would further enhance the speed of our economic and social development.

He further talked something about the “Social Security and Economic Distress” faced by the Indians living abroad. He further termed India as a “slow moving elephant” and said that he knows the frustration faced by the well-wishers as to why things don’t move in a faster manner. Indian paid this price but its worth paying as the country managed to carry all the sections along in the process of country’s development. Singh said that the Indian diaspora must invest in their country of origin as he expects India to clock an economic growth of 9-10% in the next two years. Commenting on the issue of economic facets, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said that the Indian economy could even show a growth of 7.75% this fiscal!

Singh also shared his views on the continuous racial attacks on Indians in the last one year and so. He said that the security for Indian students and workers abroad tops the priority list of the Indian government.

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