“Population Minister” of Australia!

For the very first time in Australia’s political history, a population minister has been appointed to keep a strict control over the immigration levels in Australia.

It has been a major concern in almost every perspective country that intake of more and more immigrants might lead to the scarcity of resources in the country. On the contrary, some of the critics believe that the intake would bring more and more skilled workers to the country, hence enhancing its economy in a major way. Population minister Tony Burke would be responsible to provide a perfect shape to country’s hiking population.

Some believe that curbing down the immigrants would lead to shortage of skilled workers in Australia, hence minimizing the country’s hope to be at par with the booming economies of nations like India and China.

According to a recent report, it has been speculated that the population of the Kangaroo country could reach 36 million people by the year 2050, which means, it will almost double its actual population at present. The stats point out in the direction that the population is expanding at a fast pace, hence creating the need to have a population minister to curb such changes.

But Kevin Rudd, the Aussie Prime Minister has welcomed the changes, seeing them something which equate to the economic opportunities in the country.

The aspect of “population” would surely affect the upcoming elections, making it one of the vital issues for the ruling as well as opposition party!

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