“Race” Denied a Woman her Working Status!

A housewife-cum mother residing in Ottawa who intended to get into job prospects after nine long years of her life was denied to do the same because she is WHITE.

Sara Landriault, the concerned woman, said that her kids stay in school on a full time basis, hence she made up her mind to opt for employment options out of home. She surfed and net and landed upon a position at Citizenship and Immigration Canada, a job which she though would suit her qualification in an apt manner.

After submitting the resume and going for a telephonic interview, she was shocked to know that just because she is white, she can’t apply for the same.

She went on to say that it is good to offer equal opportunity but at the same time an equal opportunity employer should not bar any applicant from applying for a job, juts because of “race.”

It was not long back when Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl spoke on the issue of discriminatory hiring practice which was implemented by different employers in various jobs.

Canada is not a country which discriminates on the facets like race or class. Hence, an incident of this kind is something which can be seen as an exception and an aspect which is hard to digest. The country has welcomed so thousands of immigrants from all over the world, where “race” didn’t seem an issue at all.

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