7251–Plumbers in Canada!

Plumbers are in high demand in Canada as they are present on the List of 29 Occupations under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Plumbers are linked with the task of installing and fixing pipelines, in addition to the disposal of waste water, to name a few. Plumbers can be employed in residential, commercial or industrial tasks or may be self-employed. People related with this profession have high chances to immigration to Canada.

Qualifying Criteria for Immigration

  • The applicant must have completed secondary school education and completed a trade or vocational training as a plumber
  • Even those with apprenticeship certification in plumbing trade may apply.
  • An applicant for Immigration under this category must have experience of at least one year as a Plumber or related field.
  • An applicant must have experience of around 2-4 years; actual number of years of experience to apply under this occupation is dependent on many factors such as whether the applicant is married and his English language skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Repair plumbing fixtures
  • Determine the layout if the plumbing procedure, along with taking care of the water supply and drainage system.
  • Take care of the pipe connections and see where to fit passage holes and other such facets. Make openings for the fittings after cutting pipes in accordance with the need.
  • Join the pipes using various equipments and see whether right pipes are fitted (without leaks)
  • Prepare cost estimates.

Additionally, there are other such qualifying criteria and responsibilities linked with the profession of Plumbers. Write to [email protected] and know your chances to work in Canada.

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