A Decision on “Immigration” Requires an Expert Comment!

Making plans to Immigrate? Whom have you consulted till now? Friends and family members?  But are you sure that the information provided by them is accurate and upgraded? Any irrelevant information from your dear ones can create chaos as they might not be decked with the latest news happening in the immigration arena.

For instance, you have an aunt who migrated to Canada 10 years ago. You will always find her ready and charged up when it comes to providing advice on Immigration issues. She might think that she is the only person on this earth who holds the experience and power to give advice on Immigration aspects to all the prospective applicants out there. Taking advice from her may be beneficial but trusting the same blindly would not be considered as a wise option. You must not forget that she is not an immigration expert at the end of the day and holding a Canadian Citizenship does not give her an edge over others!

Also situations have changed now! Migrating to a country is not the same as it was ten years back. The rules and regulations have changed to a larger extend. Here your general knowledge won’t do any benefit!

Then there are other facets involved with immigrating to a new country. An applicant, lets say you or me, might not know the mandatory requirements needed for a specific visa application. For instance IELTS score, educational requirements, and so on. In order to ensure that that the right documentation is presented in front of the Immigration officer along with filing of the application form in the right manner, it becomes essential to consult an Immigration and Visa veteran to avoid any hassles in your Immigration procedure.

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