A Quick Glance over “Provisional Visa Program”

Provisional Visa Program is offered by countries like Australia and New Zealand. It is termed as “Long Term Business Visa” in New Zealand and “Provincial Visa Program” in Australia. The best part of this program is that a low net worth makes you qualify to start a business in either of the countries, but it doesn’t guarantees you a “Residence” Status at the later stages, which is its major drawback. Every Visa Program has certain pros and cons attired with it!

Let us talk something about the Long Term Business Visa first! A good New Zealand business plan is the most vital facet when it comes to obtaining a Long Term Business Visa. Once you are given a LTBV, it would become essential for the applicant to hold a successful business in NZ for at least two years and commence the same in accordance with the business plan approved by the Kiwi government.

The major issue linked with Long Term Business Visa is AN APPROVED BUSINESS PLAN. However there are other requirements glued with the application process of getting a Long Term Business Visa. Besides, these prerequisite requirements, an applicant needs to provide an assurance that the business would benefit the economy of New Zealand during the tenure.

The biggest drawback in the case of Long Term Business Visa is that the applicant must do a business in accordance with the approved Business plan and any failure to do so may lead to the disapproval of your “Residence Status” at the later stages. Imagine, by this time, the applicant has already left his or her country of origin and also invested funds in the New Zealand economy only to find that his Residence status has been disapproved!

Now let us consider the case of Provincial Visa Program for Australia.

In this case also, the applicant is not assured a “Residence” status from the Day 1,which means that there are all the chances that he may be denied a ‘Residency Status’ at the later stages, provided he fails to fulfill the mandatory requirements associated with the program. Here also, an approved BUSINESS PLAN plays a crucial role in doing a business in Australia. In addition, the applicant has to maintain an established business for four years in order to qualify for a ‘Residence Status.’ If the business fails or the applicant fails to prove his intend to stay in Australia, then he may be disqualified to get a Residence Status, along with losing all his money and time invested in the Oz business.

After reading these cases, a businessman or a serious investor must note that it is always advised to apply for a Visa program that offers you an unconditional Residence Visa from the Day1, rather than going for those which offer no certainty in future. Canadian Immigration Investor Program and EB-5 to USA are some of the best examples of visas for prospective immigrants.

If you are planning to invest or start a business, hire the services of an Immigration and Visa consultant and get ready for a better future!

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