After Effects of “UK Halting Visa Operations”

The sudden decision of British government to curb the acceptance of student visa applications from the north Indian students would suddenly act like a sword to destroy the dreams of genuine students planning to immigrate to the UK. The suspension happened as a result of a massive increase in the number of Study Visa applications during the year 2009.

Also, in some cases, students have already paid their tuition fees in advance, and there are less chances that they would get it back, leading them to lose lakhs of rupees.

Nigel Casey, British deputy high commissioner, stated that they cannot interfere in the admission procedure as it is a sole affair between the applicant and his college. He went on to say that the situation would be reviewed at the end of this month and a decision would be made after analyzing the situation. He said that it was mandatory to inculcate the ban in order to stop people from abusing the immigration system.

Casey confirmed that thirteen thousand and five hundred student visa applications were received during October-December in the year 2003 as compared to the one thousand and eight hundred and one thousand and two hundred as compared to 2008 and 2007 respectively.

Casey has advised the students to go for a proper paper research and documentation process before intending to apply for an admission in the UK University. He said that his country is eager to accept Indian students but is strictly against the abusing of the Visa processes.

In another news, UK has suspended approx. 60 UK education providers as a part of their investigation into the increase in Study Visa Applications as compared to the last years.

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