Amends in Australian Skilled Migrant Program for Nation’s Betterment!

With more people permanently settling outside their home countries in search of better facilities and job opportunities, any change in the immigration law can either increase or decrease their prospects of foreign settlement. And they will always be curious to know the reasons behind any modifications in the law.

To give a brief background, Chris Evans, the Minister for Australian Immigration compared the Skilled Migrant Program to a scheme extremely useful for the economy of the country. This program has helped Australia in its economic development to a large extent. Migrants from foreign countries come with fresh and innovative ideas, enthusiastic in their spirits to work and progress in their life. They come to Australia from their homeland to make a mark in their field.

Recent changes made in the Skilled Immigration Program have been incorporated to give it a new form to make the best use of it. These changes were recently implemented to remain focused on the goal that is to attract those applicants whose skills are required for the nation. With the implementation of new changes, the preference is now given to those applicants who fall on the Critical Skills List. Previously, visa application was assessed on the basis of the Migration Occupation Demand List (MODL) which used to make it easier for the applicants to enter Australia.

This was creating a problem for the Australian employees, as more than half of the Australian doctors, dentists and pharmacists were foreign migrants and this led to the shortages of employees in other professions creating an imbalance. The new law really worked as the number of employees in the nursing field and other general categories after the abolition of MODL increased by 50% in comparison to the previous year when the Critical Skills List was not introduced.

The elimination of the MODL was due to its inability to serve the right purpose for which it was meant for. The applicants who qualified under the MODL were given extra points and this used to tempt most of the foreigners to opt for mainly for those professions which come under the MODL. Through this, they could obtain the permanent residency visa of Australia. Many overseas students were opting for only those courses through which they could enter into such professions which again can come under MODL.

These changes have been incorporated keeping the nation’s interests in view and to maintain the balance between the various fields. But the general scenario shows that migrants from different countries are still pursuing those professions through which they can acquire permanent residency in Australia. The reasons could be many such as better job opportunities, higher standards of living which comes with comfort and luxury that they couldn’t afford in their home countries.

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