Anglophones Growing in Quebec, Thanks to ‘Cultural shift’!

Of late, the Canadian province of Quebec is seeing growth in the population of English-speaking people, better known as Anglophones! Montreal, the largest city in Quebec further has experienced the considerable flow of Anglophones in recent years. Ever since the inception of the Charter of the French Language or the Bill 101, English has been an endangered language in Quebec. But, it is seen that the language is getting stronger in Montreal. According to a StatsCan report, Anglophone population in Quebec rose by about 5.5 percent in the period between 2001 and 2006.

The Bill 101, a fundamental law in Quebec, Canada, passed in 1977 defines the linguistic rights of Quebecers and states French as the sole official language in the province. Even though the law was passed to protect the French language, it somehow had affected the inhabitants of Quebec who speak English, belong to “minorty” group. English-speaking minority. Soon after the enaction of the charter, English language had gone endangered.

Then Minister of Cultural Development, Quebec, Camille Laurin proposed the Bill 101, which was later enacted by the National Assembly of Quebec on August 26 in the 1977. The primary purpose of the charter was to promote the use of French as the official, as well as public language of all Quebecers. It also emphasized to increase the francization on immigrants. In an attempt to do this, English language was being restricted to children who were already in the education system; their siblings; children whose parents had attended an English elementary education in Quebec or children of parents who were temporarily posted in the province.

But, the recent years saw a change in the trend. The year 2006 witnessed the first growth in English-speaking population in Quebec in last thirty-five years, contributed mostly by population from other provinces of Canada. During the first six months of 2009, an estimated 12,348 Anglophones entered Quebec from other Canadian provinces. The reason behind the growing number of Anglophones in Quebec, especially Montreal might have been a cultural shift that has been instrumental in making English acceptable in the workplace in Quebec!

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