Another Attack in Australia – This Time on Religion!

It seems that Aussie people are not finding it enough to trouble the Indians living in their suburbs that now they have started targeting their religious monuments too! Recently, partially constructed Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar Sikh Temple in Lynbrook, Melbourne was allegedly torched by some pyromaniacs.

Temple elder Satnam Singh said that the attack is not just an attack on the God House but is an attack on the Indians! He said that incidents like this should not happen as people come to these religious places to pray to God.

The incident has further deepened the wounds created by the Aussies on the Indian students in the recent times, especially after the case of Nitin Garg (, who was a Punjabi by origin.

It has been speculated that molotov cocktails have been used in destructing the Gurdwara, while detective Senior Constable Paul Stow commented that a decisions is yet to be made whether it’s a racist attack or an attack on religion. Although a worshipper confirmed that three molotov cocktails were found near a site.

The deputy high commissioner of India, V.K. Sharma, said that he finds himself speechless at the moment as he does not have any comment to make!

Incidents like these are happening on a regular basis and nothing has been done so far, barring writing negative reports on them, exaggerating the topic in the media and making bigger issues on them! Isn’t there any rigid SOLUTION to these incidents?

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