Arizona’s Immigration Law Forces Hispanics Out!

With the introduction of new law in Arizona’s immigration, it has become a nightmare for Hispanics to continue to live in the state. New law enforced by the Arizona Immigration is forcing the Hispanics to look for other places to live. The current situation is so bad that they are flying from Arizona seven weeks before the law is enforced, that is on July 29th.

There is no definite figure which can tell exactly how many Hispanics have flown but the Hispanic dropouts from schools and colleges are quite large in number. The Balsz Elementary School District has the population of about 75% Hispanics and within a time period of one month only, around 70% of Hispanic parents have stopped sending their children to the school as said by District Superintendent Jeffrey Smith. The district has lost many of its Hispanic students and parents blame the Arizona’s strict law for this. Hispanics are moving towards other states and countries where they feel more accepted.

By the law, (as signed on April 23rd by Republican Governor Jan Brewer) a police officer could check the immigration status of the person if they suspect that the person is staying illegally in Arizona. People whose business is dependent on the Hispanic community are going into losses. Jorge Vargas is one of those sufferers who are not Hispanic but are greatly affected as their business is dependent largely on them. Jorge has an air conditioning business which mainly has Hispanics as their regular clients.

There are many illegal immigrants in Arizona who have been living with their families and working for more than 20 years. They would not want their families to be insulted by police and so have decided to leave the state and move somewhere else.  It’s mainly the illegal immigrants who are leaving Arizona with their families and this could mean that the chances of breach of law would be less, which quite an accomplishment is making their task easier as said by Paul Senseman, a spokesperson for Brewer.

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