Asylum-Seeker’s Number dropped in Southern Europe!

Reports say that the number of asylum seekers in various parts of Southern Europe has declined by a huge margin. A majority of lapses have been witnessed in Turkey, Greece and Italy, as the overall dip been created by a huge margin of 33 percent last year. The reports have been released by the International Organization for Migration

The World Migration Report 2010 aims to take a ride into the world of immigration all over the world and grasps the core capacities of various nations to take care of their migration aspects, while acquainting themselves of the gaps and priorities needs to bring in their immigration system in future.

Statistics point out in the direction that while industrialized nations have seen a stable amount of asylum seekers, the Nordic regions have witnessed a hike in the same.

On the contrary, several Southern European nations have witnessed a major drop, with a fall of 33 percent. Significant fall-down has been seen in particular nations, with a minus 42 per cent in Italy, minus 40 per cent in Turkey and a minus 20 per cent in Greece.

A hike of 13 percent has been witnessed by the Nordic region.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey has his suggestions in the form of having three children in each clan in Turkey, in order to come out of this situation, remarks which raised the fury of many critics all over the country. Critics believed that it is not an answer to the ageing population of the country.

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