Australia’s “Vindaloo Against Violence”

Condemning the racial attacks on Indians in Australia, the “Vindaloo Against Violence” was organized. This was a protest in a dining form where in more than seventeen thousand people enrolled to participate in the campaign. These included everyone from politicians to policemen to the local citizens of Australia.

The campaign first went viral before going global. Starting from an ordinary event involving hundred people via the social networking site – Facebook, it has turned into a mass event across the planet.

The thirty five year old Mia Northrop who was the organizer of this event has been getting invitations from people sitting in Tajikistan to Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam and Stockholm to support the cause.

This clearly shows the phenomenal response that the campaign has received which showed towards the Indian community of four hundred and fifty thousand. Northrop who is a digital media designer by profession, is more than happy to see the positive turn that her small campaign has taken.

Around four hundred Indian restaurants spread across Australia participated. After having the record of the busiest day by Tiffins, it had to close down its website. Tiffins is a curry courier service in Melbourne. The day was so busy that an additional of four vans was aiding their five bikes fleet to ensure the thousand deliveries were made on time during lunch.

Further, in support of the campaign, John Brumby – the state’s premier along with the police dined out to show their support to the cause. Also, the menu of the state’s parliament was converted to Indian in respect to the cause.

On the other hand, Queensland was host to an eating contest and the cafeteria of the parliament consisted of a curry – only menu as well.

Despite the support, it is still yet to be seen as to whether this act actually prevents any attacks in the future!

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