Australia’s Image Hampered, Courtesy Racial Attacks: Varghese!

Peter Varghese, Australia’s High Commissioner, in recent news stated that the image of Australia as a potential country to migrate to has been affected in a negative way! India has been a source of immigrants who come to study and work in Australia, amongst other countries. But the recent racial attacks have served as a major reason for hampering the Oz image, not only amongst the Indians, but people from all over the globe.

Varghese further stated that he accepts that the Oz image has taken a beating, but feels that the relations between the governments are strong enough to overcome these issues. He stated that the negative media coverage and the perception of people in India about the Australia country has been the major cause of worry for him.

He stated that Oz has been applauded as an unsafe country for Indians, which is really creating worries for him as well as the whole country. This is further destroying the relations between the two countries.

He elaborated that the Aussie government is in the process of taking steps to calm down this situation and commented that these attacks are NOT RACIST IN NATURE! Some of the steps taken by the Aussie government include enhancing the number of anti-robbery squads and police patrolling along with making amendments in the legislations. For those planning to migrate to Australia, hire the services of an Immigration veteran and go for a hassle free application process as far as your Immigration process is concerned.

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