Australia’s Immigration Level to Plummet, Predicted ABS!

Keeping in mind the changes that have been brought into the Australian federal government’s policies of late, especially the immigration policy, the Australian Bureau of Statistics predicted that the country’s net overseas migration level may fall towards the end of 2010. ABS has also taken the countries economic conditions into account while making the prediction.

Reportedly, the country’s immigration minister has also declared that by the end the current financial year, Australia will see a drop in the number of immigrants almost by 20 percent. Reasons accountable for this slip include the recent changes to the immigration policies and shifting economic conditions. According to the department of immigration, the number of visa applications to the country that would be dropped expected to exceed 50,000.

Last year, Australia’s immigration level was at its peak, thanks to the sudden growth in the number of temporary migrants, including students and skilled workers. The new changes to the Skilled Occupations List are maybe a part of the country’s intention to lower the immigration level. According to the immigration minister, the changes are implemented in such a way that they could be able to target the occupations that would have prolonged economic value, as well as highly skilled overseas talents.

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