Australia’s New Skilled Immigration Reforms Benefit Western Australia!

The recent amendments to the Australian migration system may make it harder for overseas migrants to immigrate to the Kangaroo land, especially under the skilled migration scheme, but it will benefit the country’s economy significantly. The latest changes to the system include- a new Skilled Occupations List which includes fewer job titles; harder rules for temporary worker 457 visa; and fresh migration plans for Australian states and territories.

The nation’s immigration minister, Chris Evans said in a recent summit of Western Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry Workforce, that the Western Australia would be benefited by the new changes to the migration system. Australia’s new demand-driven migration system would help the state in attracting the skills that it needs at the time.

Australia had been boasting a migration system that was driven by overseas people who want to immigrate to Australia. The system would hardly focus on the real needs of the nation’s economy. There used to be more number of hairdressers and cooks than other highly skilled occupations like doctors and engineers in the way to immigrate to the nation. But, the new system is more skill-oriented and it will focus on attracting the skills the nation needs the most.

The new migration system is all about targeting the skills that the nation and the local labor markets in all states are running short of. The earlier system was not beneficial for the nation, said Evans. But, the new system will ensure that the nation is getting the required overseas specialist skills in order to meet its labor shortages.

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