Australia’s Temporary Skilled Migration Drops By Almost 50 Percent!

As per the recent reports released on January 11, 2010, the percentage of overseas workers immigrating to Australia under the Subclass 457 visa category dropped to a considerable extend as compared to the same time of last year. It is believed that the number of temporary skilled migrants dropped by 49 percent because of the new workplace laws that came into force of late.

Since new and harsh laws were amended, such as making employers pay equal wages and improve working conditions for temporary overseas workers, employers have decided to sponsor lesser workers to work temporarily in Australia. With the changes in the temporary labor market, today the average salary of a temporary worker with a Subclass 457 visa reached $85,300 from $74,700.

Reportedly, professionals and managers are the workers who make up the majority portion of the temporary skilled migrants who have been permitted to immigrate to Australia in 2010. Workers like clerks, laborers and transport workers being completely constrained from immigrating under the Temporary Skilled Work Visa category.

Australia hosts more than 20 percent temporary workers in the city of Victoria, where most of the workers are engaged in sectors like real estate, health care and social assistance. For your information, the Subclass 457 Visa enables Australian employers sponsor or recruit foreign skilled workers. This category allows workers to work temporarily there for a period of six months up to four years. If a worker who has immigrated under this category completes a minimum period of work experience in Australia, he/she can apply for permanent residence, maybe through sponsorship (employer) or skilled migration!

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