Australia – Still a Favorite amongst Immigrants!

Inspite of the recent racist attacks on the Indians in Australia, the country still seems to be a charmer for those in search of better opportunities. It seems Indians are not perturbed by such unfortunate events. The year 2008 saw almost 20,000 immigrants migrating to Australia where as only 13,000 Chinese migrated.

Of these, the official statistics showed the following:

Year Percentage of Immigrants Sponsored by Employers
2008 – 09 33%
2007 – 08 22%
2006 – 07 17%

The most sought after occupations were the following –

Occupations No. of Applicants
Accountancy 6,238
Computing Professionals 3,879
Registered Nurses 3,355

In addition to the above, the top three countries with the maximum number of immigrants were found to be the following –

Country No. of Immigrants
United Kingdom 23,178
India 20,105
China 13,927

According to Chris Evans, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Australia; the above has been due to the changes in the immigration programs that were implemented recently. These amendments include putting the Critical Skills Lists (CSL) of high importance. Also, the priority is to be given to those applicants who are being sponsored by their employers or the state/ territory.

These changes clearly show the country’s need for skilled professionals to boost its economy. Thus, it is the best time for those planning to immigrate to Australia. If you have a job in hand, we suggest that you grab your ticket to a better future.

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