Australia Loss is Kiwi Land’s Gain!

Australia may no more be a hot favorite destination for overseas students, in particular, students from India, reason being the row of racial attacks on foreign students, and most recently the tougher rules and regulations pertaining to immigration. As far as Indians are concerned, who want to study and work in Australia are likely to be affected by the newly implemented visa restrictions. And this would not favor the country in retaining its reputation as one of the most popular immigration destinations.

While Australia is in the verge of loosing its potential immigrants, its neighboring country, New Zealand is witnessing an entirely opposite experience. Apparently, the Kiwi country is attracting more overseas students as compared to the previous year. This is a condition where it’s suitable to say that Australia’s loss is New Zealand’s gain.

New Zealand has already received a large percentage of new overseas applications. On the basis of the reports of inquiries received by many immigration related entities and consultants, it can be said that the country is also expecting to receive a considerable number of Indian-origin students, whose studies and careers have suffered in Australia in the mid-way.

In Australia, tougher immigration rules and series of mishaps happen to be turn offs for international immigrants, especially students. As far as New Zealand is concerned, with the gain of large number of students, the foremost responsibility of the country is to provide the comfort to overseas students. In order to maintain its image as a friendly and welcoming country, its communities should be warm and well behaving towards the young immigrants!

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