Australia now emphasizing on Immigrant’s Educational Qualification!

Australia is tightening its immigration laws for those students who apply for vocational courses in Australia to acquire permanent resident visa. It will not be possible for those applicants who want to enter Australia to pursue vocational courses from July 1 onwards.

Australia has introduced the list of skilled occupation and those applicants will be given preference that comes under the list of skilled occupants. But now Australia will also be considering the minimum qualification or professional training of an applicant in his field under which he will apply. Along with English test score, it has become compulsory for visa applicants to possess educational qualification or training in their field. In fact, encouraged by Australia’s move, Canada is also following the similar steps and has introduced the same policy.

But with the introduction of new policy, many students are going to suffer especially those Indian students who have applied for some vocational courses with no prior experience, to obtain the permanent resident status. This new policy will help Australia to stop those applicants from migrating who with low qualifications and training acquire permanent resident visa by applying for vocational course. But those students whose only aim is to study in Australia will remain unaffected. This new reform is taken to discourage the students to manipulate the immigration system for their personal benefit.

The new occupation list includes one hundred and eighty one occupations who are in great demand in Australia so that only those workers can migrate whose need are most required in Australia.  They would select those candidates who have enough skills and training so that they can contribute in the economic boom of the country. The new policy will help the genuine and capable applicants to receive their visas which they deserve.

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